What Coca-Cola Does to Your Stomach


Popular mythology surrounding soda and meat claims that meat can be dissolved in soda, specifically Coca-Cola, within a day or two of immersion.

Many mainstream sodas contain a type of acid that can tenderize steak and chicken, but the pH level of soda on its own is not high enough to dissolve pieces of meat.

pH Levels

Your stomach contains a certain level of hydrochloric acid, bringing the pH level of your stomach from anywhere between 1.5 to 3.7. The lower the pH level, the greater the acidity and the more effective it will be at dissolving meat. In addition to the low pH level of your stomach, your body requires enzymes, such as pepsin, to help digest and further break down food in your stomach.

Phosphoric acid, an acid that helps give a tangy flavor to many mainstream sodas such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Sprite, has a pH of approximately 2.7, making it acidic enough to corrode teeth and chalk.

While the pH of soda is within the same range as the acid in your stomach, soda on its own cannot dissolve meat. That’s because it lacks the additional enzymes in stomach acid that help actually break down and dissolve food particles.

What Coca-Cola Does to Your Stomach

I am sure that you have read a lot of speculation about the effect of Coca Cola on the human stomach. There were those that said that the popular beverage could literally cause our intestines to melt if we drink to much of the stuff. Coca Cola always denied the rumors and said that their product is no worse than other soft drinks on the market and there was no official proof of the “dissolving effect“.

About this problem a bunch of guys decided to conduct their own experiment and find out if the rumors are true. They just took a piece of red meat, put it in a plate and poured some Coca Cola over it. They left it there for two days and took some photos throughout their experiment. The Coke didn’t completely dissolve the meat but you can see that it doesn’t look like anything you’d like to have inside your body. And the smell was unbearable.

What Coca-Cola Does to Your Stomach http://goo.gl/lJC3D0
What Coca-Cola Does to Your Stomach http://goo.gl/lJC3D0
What Coca-Cola Does to Your Stomach http://goo.gl/lJC3D0
What Coca-Cola Does to Your Stomach http://goo.gl/lJC3D0
What Coca-Cola Does to Your Stomach http://goo.gl/lJC3D0
I’m sure pretty much everyone knew  that Coca Cola wasn’t the healthiest drink on the market, but I for one didn’t think it could do that to flesh. No more Coke for me!

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