The Healthiest Fruit On This Planet!!! Dates Can Cure Many Diseases


Dates are an excellent source of fiber, necessary for proper function of the digestive system (the intestine).

Dates are full with natural sugar, this natural sugar is an excellent substitute for the ordinary sugar. Dates are easily digestible and reduces the feeling of hunger. The nutrients dates contain, these fruits are a sort of a multivitamin pill, good for both children and adults. Dates are efficient in treating numerous diseases, including anemia, cholesterol, cancer and many other.

The Healthiest Fruit On This Planet!!! Dates Can Cure Many Diseases

Excellent Source of Iron

For the people diagnosed with anemia should eat dates as much as possible, because these fruits are an excellent source of iron. 100 g of dates contain about 0.90 g iron, which is about 11% of the recommended daily intake. Iron, as part of the hemoglobin inside the red blood cells, determines the oxygen that goes in the blood. Adolescents and pregnant women have greatest needs for iron.

Eye Vitamins

Dates contain lutein and zeaxantine, these fruits are often called “eye vitamins”. Lutein and zeaxantine are especially important for the eye retina and macula, because they improve the eyesight and prevent any possible damage of the macula, which can be damaged as people get older. Therefore, eat more dates for better eyesight.

Stops Diarrhea

This fruit contain calcium, a mineral that has proven to be efficient in stopping diarrhea. In addition to this, dates are amazingly helpful in the renewal process of the gut flora. Regular consumption of dates help the creation of good bacteria in the intestine.

The Healthiest Fruit On This Planet!!! Dates Can Cure Many Diseases

Cure For Constipation

This fruit also helps the organism digest food faster and eliminate the toxins. All you should do is take a few dates in the evening and leave them in a glass of water overnight. During the night, dates will release their juice which is an excellent laxative, and it will facilitate the work of the intestines. In the US dates are packed in small bottles and used as a medicine. 100 g of dates contain 8.5 g fiber.

Dates Facilitate Delivery

An experiment conducted in the Jordan University for Science and Technology showed that consuming dates 4 weeks before the delivery can alleviate pain and reduce the bleeding. Women who consumed dates delivered easier, compared to the women that did not eat this fruit. Moreover, dates help women go through the postpartum depression more easily and produce enough milk for the baby.

Regulate Weight

This fruit gives a feeling of satiety and really falicitates the weight loss process. If you eat a date on an empty stomach, it will regulate the work of the intestines and regulate the necessary blood sugar level. Dates do not contain cholesterol, but they contain a lot of sugar, so excessive consumption would result in gaining weight (1 kg of dates contains 3 000 calories).

Dates Strengthen Heart

Amazing cure for weak heart, people with weak heart can consume this powerful fruit every day. Leave some dates in a glass of water overnight. In the morning blend the dates and the water together. You can take this remedy several times during the day.
Reduce High Blood Pressure
This fruit contain small amounts of sodium, but they are rich in calcium. A portion of 5-6 dates contain about 80 mg magnesium, an essential mineral that contributes to the spreading of blood vessels. A research showed that 370 mg magnesium daily can reduce blood pressure.
The Healthiest Fruit On This Planet!!! Dates Can Cure Many Diseases

Protects Against Stroke

One of the key benefits this amazing fruit provides is its ability to regulate the healthy nervous system, thanks to the high potassium levels. Studies have shown that the large potassium intake  (about 400 mg) can reduce the risk of stroke for up to 40 percent.

Brain Food

Dates contain phosphorus, which is great for the brain, so these fruits are recommended for people with intellectual job.

Energy Stimulator

Dates contain natural sugar, including glucose, sucrose and fructose. Combining dates and milk will help you get the maximum amount of sugar this fruit contain.

Increase Sexual Stamina

Soak a few dates in some goat milk and leave them overnight. In the morning, mix the fruit with some milk, add honey and cardamom (spice) and drink it. This combination can be consumed by both sexes, because it strengthens the body and increases the energy level.


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