GMO Food and Weight Gain – Why Can’t We See


You might have already heard the controversies behind GMO’s
or Genetically Modified foods.

GMO Food and Weight Gain - Why Can't We See with the growing population the normal way of growing foods will not suffice the requirement of people. And this is the reason why GMO’s are already in the market and probably in every single cart of buyers. The reason why American’s are getting fatter is the genetically modified crops along with the long blamed processed or packaged foods. You should certainly know why and how to avoid them.

Studies supporting GMO and weight gain interlinked

Researches from Norway supports the fact that GMO food consumption leads to weight gain. In the study, a group of rats were fed with corn that was genetically modified and other group of rats was provided with non-genetically modified corn. After 90 days the results were so clear that the rats which fed on GM corn grew fatter and also ate more and more food compared to the non-GM diet. Not only that, rats which were on the GMO diet, their intestines had a different micro-structure, they were less able to digest proteins, and there were some changes to their immune system.

GMO Food and Weight Gain - Why Can't We See long term project in Norway investigated the health effects of genetically modified foods. There were some startling conclusions that GMO’s definitely played a major role in the worldwide obesity epidemic. Other than this the GMO food ingredients have been also linked with allergies to cancer and organ damage in animals. By this we know that GMO definitely has the side effect of weight gain.

In a perfect world such a study would launch more investigations on a wider scale with even more controlled variables, but instead, Americans have been kept in the dark and continue to consume GMO’s without regard for the many likely side effects.

How to avoid GMO’s

Anything that is non-organic and more in demand should be avoided. Things like corn, soy, canola, cottonseed, tomato, beets are unfortunately in demand and so they are genetically modified. Instead, the lesser eaten foods like crookneck squash, Hawaiian Papaya and others are probably the least to be genetically modified. This is the best trick you can follow to safeguard your health.

Avoiding GMO’s is actually good for you

GMO Food and Weight Gain - Why Can't We See because avoiding foods with GMO ingredients means you’re highly likely to avoid foods with preservatives, additives, dyes and other chemicals. It is really good to prefer a kitchen garden in your backyard. You can grow your own food and be happy about what you are consuming is chemical free. You can also go for some local markets like farmer’s market or the whole foods to get fresh and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. And if grocery store like Wal-Mart is the only option you are left with, then make sure to look for one category of non-GMO ingredients to avoid at all costs.

Contributing to the movement for GMO Freedom by voting with my wallet is also a nice added bonus. And while it can be inconvenient to avoid GMOs due to their pervasiveness in our food supply, it’s well worth the extra effort in so many ways.

Once you avoid the GMO foods you will definitely start to see a great improvement in your metabolism. Also if proper organic diet rich in veggies are consumed, you can cut down those extra pounds on you. By constantly checking around you for ways to avoid the GMO’s and ways to incorporate more and more organic stud will definitely help you in many ways. You are one who should take care of your health and sometimes (especially in this case) you should also doubt the science as well.

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