I Used To Drink 30 RED BULL’s – This Is The Horror I’m Going Through Now


I Used To Drink 30 RED BULL's - This Is The Horror I’m Going Through Now http://goo.gl/YXEkh9As she said, because of the energy drink addiction, Lena Lupari could have lost her eyesight. This Irish girl at a certain period in her life used to drink merely 7 liters of Red Bull.

She used to ingest over 3000 calories daily only by this drink. Because of that she became overweight and today she has 145 kilos.

At some point she realized that this wasn’t right and decided to pay a visit to a doctor who claims that the weight problem is a reflection of her lifestyle.

Lena suffers from idiopathic syndrome of increased intracranial pressure, which is why her brain is swelled so much, that now she is losing her sight.

Every day she used to drink cans and cans of Red Bull, and when she fainted in June, she realized that something is definitely wrong with her health. Her only income is social welfare, from which she was spending nearly 10 000 dollars to feed her energy drink addiction.

I Used To Drink 30 RED BULL's - This Is The Horror I’m Going Through Now http://goo.gl/YXEkh9

“ I used to drink 28 cans of Red Bull daily and I had only one meal, mainly something fast food ordered from a restaurant or pasta. I have three little kids, one has special needs, so I didn’t have time to cook. I was struggling with migraine for five years, but I was completely ignoring that and had pills to regulate the pain. That’s when I realized that my sight was getting weaker and weaker, and finally to end up incapable of getting out of the bed and go to the hospital for further help”. –said Lena

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The doctors advised her to drop her weight at least to 100 kilos so that the disease can be held under control. Since 18 July, she stopped drinking Red Bull completely and lost 13 kilos. Lena claims that she need help from the British health care system to lose the extra weight so that she doesn’t have to do surgery.


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