10 Ways to Naturally Tighten Skin After Weight Loss


After a certain age everyone experience skin loosening, but if you have lost a lot of weight, you will definitely want to tighten and firm your skin.

In fact, aging may also contribute to the skin toning and firming. You might have experienced that if your skin is losing suppleness, it can be achieved back without surgery.

There are some natural ways that you can increase your skin’s elasticity and tighten the areas in need over a matter of time.

Allow your skin to adjust 

It is time to curb your weight loss just for a bit to allow your skin to get adjusted to the loss. As you maintain your weight, your skin has more of a tendency to shrink to your new size. If you continue to lose weight rapidly, your skin will continue to lose elasticity.

Increase your water intake

Drink water as much as you can. This keeps your skin looking fresh and hydrated. Your skin cell gets toned and gives an excellent glow to your skin. Drinking a lot of water not only improves your overall health, it also will help your skin to become tighter, smoother, and look more radiant. Moisturizers are the best to keep your skin toned and tightened.

Participate in weight resistance training

Good thing for losing weight is cardio, but it is equally good for firming up your skin as well. After losing weight even your muscles needs toning. Exercise is very important for firming up the skin. There are certain facial exercises that you can try to firm your sagging neck and cheeks. It is recommended that you perform strength training as well. This training can be performed three times per week. This really benefits and tightens your muscles and skin. Weight training is especially important if you have dropped your caloric intake significantly, as when you lose fat, you often lose muscle as well. Rebuilding your muscles will help tighten the skin.

Moisturize your skin

After good showering you can dab little baby oil as this will trap the moisture in your skin. You can even add few oil drops to your bath; this will help to infuse the oil in your skin.  A moisturizer that has vitamin E in it, so that your skin will stay moist, as this allows for new skin cells to grow. Moisturizing also helps with minimizing wrinkles. You can even use coconut oil on your skin. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and has antibacterial properties to soothe the skin. You can find here more fantastic everyday uses for coconut oil, or read about these fruit oils for skin care.

Belly toning exercises

You should work more with your arms, thighs and upper body with push-ups and pull-ups. There is a possibility that you will get stretch marks and might experience sagging skin on your belly. Yoga is also a great idea to help you tighten the skin. Tightening the tummy area is much more possible if you take time a few times per week to exercise that area. Commit to belly toning exercises such as crunches, air bike, leg raises, sit ups, side bridges, and pelvic thrusts. Simply spending 15 to 20 minutes three to five days per week will help tighten your tummy area.

Get massages

Excellent way to improve circulation an relax your body is massage. It is a great concentrate on sagging areas. You can add to the massage your favorite essential oils diluted in carrier oil and inhale them to reach new levels of calmness.

Limit your sun exposure

Benefit for your skin is Vitamin D, but excess of sun exposure will harm your skin. It damages your skin cells and makes you feel look older. It is always advisable to apply sunscreen half an hour early before leaving the house. It should be reapplied every three hours. Even if you stay indoors, it’s advisable to apply sunscreen. Your skin loses elasticity due to excess of sun damage. Spending a short amount of time sun bathing and swimming is alright; just be sure to shower afterwards and apply a natural moisturizer that has vitamins and aloe included. Also, limit your time swimming in chlorinated water, as the chlorine can dry out and damage skin cells.

Sea salt scrubs

Especially for the areas that are loose is important for exfoliating skin. Brush your skin before going for a shower using long strokes. Concentrate on the areas on which there is loose skin. There are a number of sea salt and mineral scrubs available on the market to choose from. Make your own scrub using honey, sugar or any other natural ingredient. Simply use them in the shower each day as you wash and see how your skin looks and feels after a couple of weeks.

Avoid harsh soaps

In markets there are plenty multi skin care products. There are few which contain sodium laurel sulfate. These are chemicals that damage your skin by drying it out.  During the tightening process you should make sure that your skin doesn’t dry out and stays moisturized. Consider using cleaners that contain oil.

Be patient!

Are you dealing with stretched, loose skin?? It is important to be patient as your body adapts to your new size. Additionally, keep in mind that depending on how much weight you’ve lost, your skin may not be able to return to its original elasticity. Make a decision to accept this now just in case and affirm that you are pretty awesome even with some loose skin.

Skin is the largest and the most important organ of our body. Therefore, it requires extra care and effort. There are various reasons due to which it loses its elasticity.  Fortunately, others that have gone before you have tried all sorts of methods to tighten their skin and happily pass that information on. Keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for you. You can try various ways to tighten your skin and see which is helpful for you.

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