Lose Weight With This Single Exercise


By doing the exercise called “Plank” for 5 minutes every day, you will exercise the muscles of your entire body and will help you to lose weight easily.

In this exercise you float above the floor for several minutes by relying on your hands and feet. This difficult exercise will benefit your back, buttocks, legs, stomach and arms.

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The position of your body is crucial, since this exercise requires posture not movement. Lie with your stomach down. Set on your elbows after you bend them on a 90 degrees angle. Your body should be flat while you support your body on your forearms and toes. Keep your abs tight.


Trying to balance with your assembled feet will increase the abs muscle pressure.


Keep your legs tight and straight.


The lower body muscles are activated as well.

Lower back:

Your back should be straight as well as the rest of your body.


Bring the stomach in, but don’t stop breathing.


Keep your elbows under the shoulders.

Lose Weight With This Single Exercise http://goo.gl/bJZuVK

Benefits of the exercise:

The shape of your buttocks will improve and the cellulite will be eliminated too. The shoulders, neck and lower back benefit from the plank exercise. The chances of osteochondrosis become lower and neck and shoulder pain caused by lifting heavy weight or sitting will be gone. The leg muscles also benefit from this exercise. Your arms hold half of your entire weight, so they will have an excellent training while you are doing this exercise. The pressure on your abs will give you a flat stomach.

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