Top 10 Best Benefits of Apple Juice


Apples are considered to be the one of the most versatile fruits on the planet.

Originated from Central Asia, apples are now being cultivated all around the world.

China is the globe’s tops producers of apple, while USA comes second. Apples come in different varieties: pinky lady apples, red apples, Jonagold, Fuji apples, golden delicious and more.

Top 10 Best Benefits of Apple Juice

Apples can be consumed in number of ways. It can be eaten raw, cooked or added to salads. Also, it is good to know that the world’s favorite fruit offers a lot of health benefits. Read on to know more about the nutritional values of apples:

1) Apples Promote Heart Health

Apples contain a lot of antioxidants, the compounds that are responsible in fighting off the harmful free radicals in the body. Free radicals cause premature aging, skin sagging and other body ailments. A serving of apple each day prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases too.

2) Prevents Asthma

Apples contain flavonoids, nutrients that are helpful in dealing with asthma bouts. It also keeps your lungs strong and healthy.

3) Liver Detox

Apples are alkaline and help in controlling the pH levels of the body. It also aids the liver and helps in the process of flushing out the toxins out of the bloodstream

Top 10 Best Benefits of Apple Juice

4) Reduces Cholesterol

Apples can help in reducing cholesterol too. Having high cholesterol levels in the body is one of the main reasons for the development of different cardiovascular maladies.

5) Strengthen Bones and Keeping them Healthy

Apples have different nutritive content including vitamin C, boron, iron and more. These nutrients combined with each other will enable your bones to grow strong and healthy.

6) Improves Immune System

Vitamin C helps in boosting the immune system and fortunately, apples are loaded with this important vitamin.

7) Prevents Cancer

Apple juice can be one of your best shields against cancer, particularly lung cancer. Phenolic acids and flavonoids are known to help in this area and luckily, apples are a good source of these contents.

8) Relieves Constipation

Apple juice is beneficial for body cause it makes food be digested “smoother” in our body. This cause body easy react on constipation.

9) Beauty Remedy

Apples can be good beauty remedy. It is used for treating skin inflammation, wrinkles, cracked skin and itching.

10) Eye Health

Apples are laden with vitamin A which helps in maintaining good eye health.

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