Weekend Detoxification: Get Rid Of All Poisons In The Organism In 48 Hours


Plan the weekend, a walk with your best friend and prepare a dietary plan that will clean your body from all toxins and harmful substances. If you are feel lack of energy and you are tired, you can’t cover your eye circles even with the best make up, your skin is dry?

These signs are showing to you that your body is „poisoned” with harmful toxins. This condition of the organism makes you an ideal candidate for viruses and flu.

There is no special time for cleaning your body, every time is right to clean the organism, to strengthen it and to return its energy.

We want to point that throwing out the toxins can be made with detoxification in which five organs take part: kidney, liver, intestines, lungs and the lymph.

Good preparations are needed for this process to be successful, you must make diet that contain eating a low fat food, meat, potatoes and sweets, and needs drinking as much liquids as you can. Tea from dandelion, nettles and birch are most efficient.

Activity is important to do every day, for example, walking, swimming or going to the gym.

This process of detoxification is preferred to be made twice a year for ten days, but if you don’t have time, we prefer a weekend detoxification, that is useful, and if you do it a couple of times a year, the result will be excellent.


Weekend Detoxification

 • Saturday

Waking up: Immediately drink 2,5 dl warm water

Breakfast: A cup of oat flakes with a spoon of linseed, 2 dl milk or diet yogurt, ½ cup fresh grained fruits (example: blueberry), 2,5 dl plain water, green or dark tea.

Lunch: Grilled hake (250 g), Swiss chard with potatoes on olive oil, 2 cups salad (green, arugula, tomato) with olive oil or lemon juice, slice melon and a smaller banana, 2,5 plain water.

A snack: An apple, 1,8 dl ordinary yogurt, ¼ cup pumpkin seed, 2,5 plain water.

Dinner: A piece of tuna grilled on a barbeque or in a foil (150 g), 2 cups salad with olive oil and lemon juice, ½ cup vegetable prepared on a steam (broccoli or spinach), a little integral pastry, 2,5 dl plain water, anise tea.

 • Sunday

Waking up: Immediately drink 2,5 dl warm water

Breakfast: A cup of oat flakes with a spoon of linseed, 2 dl milk or diet yogurt, green tea and a pear.

A snack: Grapefruit.

Lunch: vegetable soup (carrot, beans, onions, pepper, celery, potato), 200g chicken breasts on a barbeque, pickle (150g), 2,5 dl plain water.

Dinner: salad (grinded carrot and beet, add lemon juice), a little integral pastry, nettle tea.

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