DO YOU HAVE A BAD HAIR? Stop Doing These 6 Mistakes !!!


Do you love your hair?

Does your daily mood depend on it? If that is the case you must change some habits and act more seriously. There is no hair conditioner which will undo the damage you have done to your hair. Be sure of that.

Top stylists have listed some of the most common mistakes people do. This is what you have to stop doing in order to have beautiful and healthy hair.


1. You brush your hair from roots to the top

Brushing your hair from its roots to top makes little nodes, pulls it out of the scalp and it starts to break. “My clients often complain about losing their hair, and the problem is that they brush it wrongly” – says the hairdresser Mark Townsend from Los Angeles.

2. You put hair conditioner on roots

You should never put hair conditioner on the top of the head. “Your hair is the newest on the top of your head and it does not need additional moisture. Hair conditioner is needed most to the old hair” – explains the hairdresser Adir Abergel. The hair conditioner should be put by rubbing the tops gently, pattering the hair.

3. Twirl your hair during washing it

Raising your hair up and putting a shampoo on it as if it is a wet towel is the worst thing you can do. Provided that you have over grown baby’s shampoo, stop doing bubble hairstyles.
“Wet hair is fragile, so in that way you may easily break it “- warns Townsend. Instead, put a bit shampoo on your hands and apply it gently on the hair. Then wash it without touching the tops. They are not the dirties and they will wash.

4. You put your hair clamp too tight

Removing hair clamp is as comfortable as removing a bustholder at the end of a busy day. We usually take off a hair clamp with one hand which causes breaking the hair.
“ In 9 out of 10 cases, my clients take off a hair clamp with one hand causing hair damage”- says Townsend.

5. You do not read instructions or you ignore them

Most of the hair products have written instructions on them. For example, hair spray must be applied minimum 20 cm away from the head. Silicone serums should be applied in quantities not bigger than a hazel-nut. You must apply pena dryer equally on the whole length.

6. You wash hair frequently

This is true even if you have thin hair that is easily getting greasy. The top of the head gets dry by constant washing and that weakens the hair. People with thin hair may use dry shampoo, and those who often workout may use a shampoo which won’t dry their hair. You shouldn’t wash hair every day or every second day …

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