Healthy Life Is In Your Food Habits


Health improvement and spoiling your health is all in your food habits what you consume daily.

As the world growing, lot of the people are not able to take necessary care about their children health.

We are all thinking whatever the food they give to the children will fill their stomach and will be healthy to them. But they don’t think if the food has the necessary nutrition in it.


Result, timely variation in health. If we apply a healthy food habits in our daily life not only for children, the whole family can lead a healthy way of life.

Cumin, Jaggery, Ginger, Garlic… so on are good for health. Including fruits – vegetables will always keep our health fit and fine. Kids are always in playing mood.

When they are back from play usually they will be tired and exhausted. So in this situation Carrot juice, Beetroot Juice and Lemon Juice will work effectively to remove their  tiredness.

Some of the other remedies which will help you and your children health to be fit n fine.

• Use of coconut oil in preparation of food will reduce Cholesterol.

• Use of Jaggery in preparing food will increase calcium in children health.

• Eating sweets which has artificial color used in it is very bad to health.

• Use of Centella Asiatica, Plectranthus Amboinicus will cure common cold and cough.

• Daily use of Carrot Juice, Green Sprouts Salad will improve your health.

• Using Drumstick leaves in food will raise the hemoglobin ratio in your body.

• Raw vegetables like Radish, Beetroot and Cucumber will increase the stamina in children.

• Ragi, Wheat and Corn are filled with fibers. Using it in alternative days will help to keep our health fit.

• Use of hot water with Cumin and drinking half cup daily will reduce stomach pain in children.

• Using of Chilly in preparation of food is not good for children. Instead use black pepper and dry pepper.

• Unpolished rice will be rich in Vitamin “B”.

• Use of onion and Garlic in food will purify blood veins.

• Drinking water in early morning is good as it activates the nerve system. So make it routine.

• Oil fried food must be used very minimal.

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