Symptoms of Cancer that Many Ignore


A lot of people ignore these symptoms because they feel that this is something that is not so serious.

Be careful, if it the symptoms occur on a regular basis, it can be a symptom of cancer…

If the acid reflux  lasts three weeks or longer, and bothers you on a daily basis, can be one of the first signs of cancer, according to a study published as part of the British campaign to promote awareness about cancer.


This research commissioned by the British Department of Public Health, found that only 55 percent of people see a doctor in case of weeks of acid reflux, and these problems can often be a sign of esophagus or stomach cancer.

It is very important to diagnose it as soon as possible so that you will have a chance for successful treatment.

70 percent of the people who are diagnosed with stomach cancer at the early stage live for at least five more years, but the figure drops to only three per cent of those whose disease is diagnosed at a late stage.


In the study participated 1,046 people, and the results showed that 59 percent of the participants did not know that acid reflux can be a symptom of cancer, and only 15 percent of them said they were sure that it is a symptom of cancer.

Also another symptom that was highlighted during the campaign was difficulty in swallowing food.

It is found that 70 percent of people have not clue at all that if someone has a problem with swallowing food, it can be a sign of cancer, while 13 percent were sure that it is a symptom.

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