Top 4 Home Remedies For Cold Feet


Often indicative of underlying conditions such as hormonal imbalance, malfunctioning circulatory system, malnutrition and even anemia are cold feet.

In fact the cause of the condition can only be found out after making a proper diagnosis.

There are lot of medical treatment for cold feet. You can try out some effective home remedies for taking care of the condition.

Here are 4 Home Remedies For Cold Feet:

Exercise Your Feet Regularly

Try to rest your feet only on the heels. Now slowly rotate your feet in first clockwise and then in anti-clockwise direction. Do this exercise for 10 minutes every day. Stand up and place your hands on your either side. Raise yourself on your toes and take at least 20-30 steps while standing on the toes. Now put your heels back on the floor and walk for another 20-30 steps. Alternate between walking on your toes and walking on your heels for at least 10-15 minutes. Make it a point to walk on your toes for most part of the day; but without slippers or shoes. Other forms of exercising like running, jogging, brisk walking and even cycling are very good for treating cold feet.

Water Soak For Cold Feet

There are two option for this advice: First is to fill one with hot water and the other with cold water. Place the basins next to each other. Sit in a comfortable position and soak your feet first in cold water for 2 minutes; Second is to put your feet in the basin of hot water for not more than one minute. Again soak your feet in cold water for 2 minutes. Keep repeating the pattern for 20 minutes. Alternating between cold water and hot water soak will help improve the blood circulation to your feet.

Walk Barefoot

Simplest way of treating cold feet. Only one thing that you need to do is to get up really early in the morning and find a patch of clean grass where you can walk. Walk barefoot on the grass for around 5-7 minutes every day. It will increase the blood circulation to your feet. This method is also known to improve eye sight. You can even walk barefoot on the first snow of the season.

Foot Massage

Every day massage of the feet before going to bed is a known method for treating cold feet. Warm a little sesame oil or olive oil and massage your feet with the warmed oil. Use your thumbs to apply pressure on the feet especially on the soles and the ankles. Wear cotton socks to bed after the massage.

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