Which Herbs Will Help Detox My Lungs From Toxins?


Most to do with lungs and to put it in better perspective have smoking tobacco, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) nearly 6 million people are killed by tobacco each year.

Beside that worst part is that along with the lot, 600,000 more deaths are caused every year due to secondhand smoke.

Because smoking tobacco can expose the lungs to more than 7,000 highly dangerous and toxic chemicals, including 60 carcinogens that are known to cause cancer, it is very important to detox it from time to time.


We are offering you some of the natural herbs that can help detox your lungs.

Herbs to detox your Lungs


Australian herb, eucalyptus’ main compound cineole has many benefits and can ease a cough, fights congestion and can soothe irritated nasal passages. It can also be used to detox your lungs.  You can take a high therapeutic grade eucalyptus essential oil and apply one drop onto your finger tip and place it under your nose.


Lungwort contains compounds that are efficient against harmful organisms that affect respiratory health. You can used it as a tincture in tea.


The main component that makes oregano effective for lung health are carvacrol and rosmarinic acid. Both compounds are natural decongestants and histamine reducers. You can simply apply the one drop of essential oil under your nose and inhale.


Lobelia contains lobeline, which thins mucus and breaks up congestion. You can use this one as a tincture in teas.

Osha Root

Osha root contains camphor, terpenes, saponins, phytosterols and ferulic acid which are highly beneficial for health. This root promotes the cleansing of mucous from the lungs and sinuses while also protecting against respiratory infections. It also increases blood flow to the lungs, which increases overall health function. You can also use this as a tincture in teas.

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