How to Use Jeera Water for Quick & Healthy Weight Loss


This is one of the most unassuming spices can be amazing sources of health. Not many would guess that the small and ordinary looking cumin seed can become your faithful weight loss aide.

There is a recent study from the journal Complimentary Therapies in Clinical Practice that was the first to reveal the potential cumin seeds have for dieting.

Adding this spice in your dietary plan will help you lose weight quicker and influence the body’s fat profile in a positive way by reducing the levels of harmful lipids in the blood.


How to make jeera water

For this you need jeera or cumin seeds and boil them. Strain the seeds and drink the water from time to time. Beside obesity jeera water can help you with other health problems.

Helps in the process of digestion

Drinking jeera water every day can help you for better digestion because it improves the secretion of enzymes, who break down fat, glucose and carbonates. It also help with diarrhea, nausea, morning sickness, flatulence, etc. Improving the process of digestion your body helps a lot in weight loss.


Improves immune system

Iron is very important for the immune system, and cumin contains it in great amounts, as well as vitamin A and C . So because of that consuming jeera water can improve your immune system.

Helps in flushing out toxins

As we mentioned earlier cumin seed are full with antioxidants which can clean your body from dangerous toxins. This can improve the health of your organs and they become stronger. Jeera water also produces bile in liver which helps with acidity, gas and feeling bloated.

Endows you with quality sleep

Insomnia is a very bad condition, and obesity usually leads to it. So consume jeera water and it will help you to get a good night sleep.

Fights free radicals

Jeera water fight dangerous toxins because it transforms seed in powerful detoxifiers. This improves its cleansing power and perhaps this is why it is considered to be an overall cleanser for the body. eera water helps in weight loss by keeping your body healthy, toxin-free and rehydrated. So, include it in your daily diet to get the body you want.

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