A Miracle of The Nature! Seeds Which Naturally Increase Your Breasts and Decrease Your Weight


To find a natural product that will make your breasts a little bit fuller and you waist thinner is a dream to many women. Fenugreek is that miraculous plant which helps you renew your whole organism.

The legend says that the Prophet called Muhammad once said: “If you only knew the value of this plant, you would pay it in gold”.

This herb is one of the oldest healing plants which date since the ages of the old Egyptians and Hippocrates.


Fenugreek (lat. Trigonella foenum-graecum) can be aligned in the natural wonders of the Antique, when it was extremely praised and appreciated.

Its seeds are used in treatments and nutrition and it is an inevitable ingredient of the curry and other herbal mixtures which are very popular in India and the Middle East. These seeds can be found in almost all healthy food stores.

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Western herbal medicine uses it as tea for expelling excess mucus from the sinuses, throat, and chest. This tea is also efficient against allergies and fever. Plus, fenugreek is highly beneficial when used as an extract or powder. It improves liver and kidney metabolism and warms the body in general.

Fenugreek does wonders for the lining of the respiratory, digestive and urogenital tract. It can also reduce blood cholesterol after 10 days of application. You can use it as a supplement to your daily diet by adding two teaspoons a day in your yogurt, fruit juice or smoothie.

  • Great nutritive value

Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of proteins, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. Some of its healing compounds are colin, trigonellin, diosgenin, jamogenin, tigogenin and neotigogenin. From the valuable minerals, it contains copper, iron, magnesium and manganese.

  • Healing properties

There are several ways to use these useful seeds.

In Western herbal medicine, it’s taken as tea to remove the excess of mucus from the sinuses, throat, chest and the upper respiratory tract. It’s also effective against allergies and hay fever. When it’s used as an extract or powder, it’s deep, essential effects are emphasized and it becomes a valuable tonic and super food. It stimulates the metabolism of liver and kidneys and it generally heats your body.

Fenugreek calms and treats the mucus of your respiratory, digestive and urogenital tract. It lowers the blood cholesterol after only 10 days of usage. It can be also added to your everyday nutrition: stir two teaspoons a day into yoghurt, fruit juice or smoothie. It’s useful in the treatment of diabetes and high cholesterol. If you have any problems with blood sugar or cholesterol, let fenugreek be among your first choices to remove these difficulties.

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Fenugreek gives excellent results in the treatment of diabetes. It balances your blood sugar with both types of diabetes thanks to the amino acid 4-hydroxi-isoleucin, which controls the secretion of insulin. Modern researches also support the traditional usage of fenugreek in decreasing and controlling of your blood sugar.

According to some claims, taking 50 grams of fenugreek a day averagely makes a 30% improvement of your findings in only 10 days. It’s also popular in the treatment of cardiovascular problems because it decreases your cholesterol and triglyceride levels and helps against atherosclerosis, as well as hardens the arteries.

For this problem, the recommended dosage is from 10 to 20 g a day.

  • An excellent digestion tonic

Fenugreek works in several ways to treat your digestion system: it stimulates the digestion, awakens your appetite and removes the excess of mucus.

With its mucous ingredients, it protects and heals the digestive mucous membrane, decreases colic and moves your intestines. Because the tonic has a bitter taste, it also has a favorable effect on your liver and spleen, improving their metabolism.

It’s used in difficult digestion, loss of appetite, weakness, colic, diarrhea and increased liver and spleen. No matter how it’s prepared or used, it has a harsh and bitter taste.

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