Be Careful What You Buy – Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across Asia!!


First on the market were artificial eggs, which come from China, it could be found in markets and now plastic rice is said to be spreading to several Asian nations.

Fake rice news started showing on all social media platforms.

It is believed that now the rice “reached” Singapore and lot other countries.


Fake rice is combined with normal rice and it is sold under the name of popular commercial brands, which makes it difficult for the consumers to make a difference and avoid any dangerous product.

Some consumers say they have had digestion problems after consuming a serving of plastic rice.

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This fake artificial rice is rich with combination of several kinds of potatoes, sweet potatoes and resin, known for its toxic effect on the gastrointestinal system, as experts explain.

Media has also reported that this kind of rice is sold on the market for quite a long, and that it was first noticed in Shaanxi and Taiyuan.

It looks the same as regular rice, and people cannot see any bigger difference.

From Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry there is explanation, that this kind of rice is safe for consumption.

Although they deny any of the aforementioned speculations, it is quite possible that the plastic rice has been imported in their country and it is already selling in local grocery stores.

Can we avoid this fake rice?

It is almost impossible to recognize this rice in the shops, but you can test it at home. If the rice remains hard after its cooking, and it tastes different from the ordinary, it means that it is fake.

Another you can notice in this fake rice is that it burns like plastic when exposed to high heat.

Healthy Food Team