Natural Homemade Hair Spa Treatment


When you want to maintain thick curly and frizzy hair with lots of splits you are dealing with lot of problems.

This really embarrasses you at times especially if you are going for a party next day. It is better to treat it with natural ingredients and obtain a great result. Here is a procedure of home hair spa which is completely prepared using the natural hair care ingredients.

It has the same effect as the spa treatment in parlors. It is also easy and cost effective which can be prepared instantly with less difficulty.


What do you need for the Natural Hair spa treatment

  • A mixture of oils like castor, sesame, almond, coconut, and ghee for the oil treatment.
  • A mixture of beetroot juice without dilution and a concentrated tea concoction for conditioning
  • A nice hair mask prepared with bananas, egg, honey and milk.
  • Any mild shampoo with minimal chemicals in it.

Steps to conduct the Hair Spa

In every spa they use these steps of the treatment using various products and the same can be followed with natural ingredients. You can ask your mother, friend of partner to do this for you, while you relax taking this effective treatment. It can also be done by yourself, if you love to love yourself.


Step 1: Hot Oil Treatment

All the oils like castor oil, almond, sesame and coconut oil are heated together in order to mix them better. Ghee is the most effective smoothing ingredient to keep the hair smooth and silky irrespective of which ever shampoo is being used. The mixture should be warm and not like boiling hot, as you may burn your scalp. The oil is applied using a cotton swab evenly onto the hair strands concentrating on the scalp and massaging. The oil should be applied from root to tip and allowed to sit for an hour at least. Then you can wash all the oils with a mild shampoo.

Step 2: Hair Conditioning

You should follow the hair conditioning when the hair is actually still wet. A grated beetroot is made to squeeze up in order to get the juice extract out of it. Tea concoction is added to the beet juice and mixed well. Hibiscus flower powder can be added as a base to hold it in the hair. This conditioner is extremely rich in iron, Vitamin A and all major vitamin. The minerals from beetroot, also gives a beautiful maroon tinge and tea intensifies the color of hair and conditions it. Rinse only with warm water, without shampoo after half an hour.

Step 3: Protein Hair Mask

One or two ripe bananas depending on the length of the hair are taken. A quarter cup of milk, 3 table-spoons of honey and egg white from 2 eggs, are added and blended to get a fine paste. Put them in a mixer grinder to get a fine paste. Banana is rich in vitamins and is a great hair softener and treats damaged hair due to environmental conditions and good for splits ends to be rectified. Milk semi straightens hair and provides protein, eggs as well have the same effect as milk while honey cleanses, deodorizes and conditions the hair.

Mayonnaise can be used if you do not like the eggy smell on you. The mask is applied all over the hair and covered with a shower cap. After half an hour the hair is rinsed and shampooed to get the oil out. The banana may require extra water to get it out. The hair should be then dried in natural sun/warmth.

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And the final Result!

Following this procedure meticulously gives amazing results. The hair gets silky-smooth and doesn’t get frizzy at all for 4 days even though it is not shampooed again. The ultimate output is the rich burgundy color that shines like a mirror and the shine remains for 7 days almost. Though you have curls, the treatment makes them bouncy, in control and extremely soft to touch. The splits are less too. This mask is one of the best homemade masks that can be used.

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