Spare 60 Seconds A Day And In Only A Month You Will Have A Flat Stomach!


Probably one of the most problematic areas of the body when it comes to losing weight is belly. Everyone’s dream about a flat and toned abdomen, but it seems that we all hate sit-ups.

Well we have some good news for you! Fitness experts have found a solution which, they claim, can replace even a 1,000 sit-ups.

This amazing exercise is called “a plank”, and it is static, but all the weight of the body lays on the hands and toes, while the body is straight as a board. The body cannot move an inch, and this is the way to a flat and sturdy stomach, as well as to the painless back, because the strong abdominal muscles support the spine.


Lot of fitness experts say doing this exercise several times a week for ten minutes a day will give better results than doing 1,000 sit-ups.

It’s important to ensure that your body is in the right position before starting the exercise. In fact, these five points are essential:

    1. Stretch your shoulders as much as you can while pressing your palms firmly on the floor. Make sure your neck is stretched out and your hands comfortable, not as if they are about to loosen up.
    2. Although your abdominal muscles carry most of the work, your leg muscles should also feel tense. If you don’t feel that tension in your leg muscles, position your heels further while pressing on your toes so that the quadriceps are more tensed. Then squeeze your buttocks in order to activate the muscles in your lower body.
    3. Hold your buttocks closer to the floor. Your body must resemble a straight line, not a triangle.
    4. Breathe in and out rhythmically in order to ease holding this body posture.
    5. Holding your body in the right position is essential and you can easily achieve this if you imagine a glass of water balancing on your lower back or a ball rolling from your nape to heel without being stuck in the lower back.

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How to do this exercise:

  • Your back straight, press your hands and knees on the floor so that your wrists are in line with your shoulders.
  • Look up about 30 inches ahead of you. Your nose facing the floor, position the back of your head in a parallel position to the ceiling.
  • Stretch out your right leg backwards, your toes bent. Then stretch out your left leg. At this point your entire body should be resting on your hands and toes.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles and hold for about 20-60 seconds.
  • Bending your knees, sit on your heels so that the big toes touch while your knees are separated.
  • Lower your torso toward your thighs, while lightly touching the floor with your forehead. Stretch out your arms in front of you and relax.
  • Do this exercise three times in a row. Once you get used to doing it, gradually increase the time you hold your stomach muscles tightened.

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