Two Simple Ingredients Against Fatty Liver!


Main role of liver is to filter the blood and eliminate the toxins from the body. It is also important for the metabolism and food digestion.

Food that is rich in fatty foods, refined sugar, food additives and excessive use of alcohol can overload the liver so it will need to work overtime to protect the body from their harmful effects.

Lots of  different medications also pass through the body and may lead to increased toxin level. Now you can cleanse your liver with a tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice.


Why olive oil and lemon juice?

Olive oil:

Malnutrition can result in the accumulation of fat in the liver and increased hepatic secretion of triglyceride (TG) which leads to condition known as fatty liver.

About 90 million Americans are diagnosed with fatty liver and this is a major risk factor for diabetes, heart attacks and even cancer.

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Research published in World Journal of Gastroenterology concluded that olive oil can protect you from this condition by reducing the TG accumulation in the liver.

Other study has confirmed the beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil in the fight against chronic liver damage. This is because olive oil has antioxidant effects and ability to regulate the cell function of the liver to accelerate the metabolism.

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Lemon juice:

Not only does the lemon juice help in liver detoxification, it also protects the other organs from various damages.

A study published by Indian scientists showed that Hesperidin (citrus bioflavonoid which is found in lemons) has the ability to protect the liver from toxic damage.

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How to consume the mixture of lemon juice and olive oil?

First thing in the morning you need to  make a mixture from one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Drink the mixture immediately. This mixture should be consumed on empty stomach before breakfast!.

Liver detox is very important but you should change other things too! You will need to give up alcohol and try to consume fresh, natural food. Also avoid unnecessary medications every time you can!

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