Long Hidden Research Has Recently Surfaced: These Seeds Destroy Cancerous Cells Less Than 48 Hours!


Chemotherapy has been the most prescribed cancer therapy for over 5 decades.

However, as recently disclosed by the British Medical Journal, chemotherapy is somewhat a false solution, and it has a high fatality rate in patients.

It’s difficult to process that what has been prescribed by modern medicine for years is actually not helping people at all.

When we go to a doctor or a pharmacy we expect them to help us heal and live longer, and not cause our bodies to decay to a point of no coming back.

Chemotherapy will do that to you, and for what results? Well, according to Dr. Hardin B Jones, a senior medical physics and physiology professor of Berkley, CA, chemotherapy has no results at all.


Dr. Jones has spent more than 25 years researching how long cancer patients continue to live after diagnosis. What he found was shocking to him, as much as it is to every person reading his findings. He discovered not only that chemotherapy results in painful deaths, but it is also less effective than alternative treatment methods, where the patients die much slower than when treated with chemotherapy.

The side effects of chemotherapy are why most cancer patients are more willing to try a natural alternative, rather than suffer through the effects of chemo. However, in a world full by countless recipes for cancer treatment, it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed when searching for the right treatment.

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There is one natural solution that has been proven to be effective in eliminating cancer cells, even in advanced stages.

According to a group of researchers of The Kentucky University who conducted a laboratory research on cancer elimination, grape seeds are very potent in provoking apoptosis (i.e cell death) in up to 76% of cancer and leukemia cells, as fast as two days from therapy start.

They published their research in the AACR journal, where they explained that the reason for the effectiveness of grape seeds is because they contain a protein called JNK, which has a positive effect on cancer cell destruction.

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Grape seeds seem like a drastically-different-and-impossible-to-believe alternative to chemotherapy. However, try to keep in mind that medicine and pharmacy are still businesses, and sometimes businesses can use fear or misconception to lure you in buying their products.

We are not saying this is the case, but what we are saying is there is no harm or side effects in trying this alternative treatment for which there is already credible scientific evidence.

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