Natural Shampoo That Prevents Hair Loss, Stimulates Growth, Restores Hair Shine, Volume and Bounce


The hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty all over the world, but unfortunately, hair treatment with various chemical agents, heat, binding and inadequate care, hair is broken, it becomes dry, thin or damaged.

All these factors, along with the daily stress and changes in the body are causing increased hair loss.

How to stop hair loss? To alleviate hair loss and contribute to it’s beauty we recommend you this shampoo.

It’s easy to prepare, according to many testimonies it’s efficient 100%. After only a few hair washing you will notice the first results.

Your hair will be less decline, stronger, fluttery and after one or two months of regular application you will notice new hair with increased volume.


Necessary ingredients for making this shampoo are: Shampoo nettle (plain liter of trade), panthenol 100 ml (aqueous solution), drops of nettle 30 ml (one vial), AD drops, 30 ml of an aqueous solution (one cup), castor oil and two 50 ml ampoule of vitamin B.

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How do you make this healing shampoo? In 750ml of shampoo nettle, mix whole bottle of 100 ml panthenol, a whole bottle of drops Nettle 30ml, a whole bottle of AD drops and castor oil.

How does the shampoo works? Believe it or not this shampoo is a real vitamin bomb for the skin on your head, and therefore for your hair. Nettle accelerates peripheral circulation and blood flow to the scalp thus accelerating the metabolic processes in the epidermis.

Therefore other ingredients of this shampoo will be faster and better absorb. Panthenol or pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) act on the preservation of the proper function of the scalp and stimulate it’s regeneration processes. Castor oil strengthens the cuticle.

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It is rich with vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant which prevents the action of free radicals and their harmful effects on the scalp and hair roots. Beside that it has properties antifungal effect, which means that destroys the fungus responsible for dandruff.

On the skin of the scalp has protective, soothing and healing effects, while his thick and sticky consistency removes dead skin cells preventing them from head to clog the hair follicle which would affect slowed hair growth.

AD drops of vitamin A, which operates in various physiological functions in the human body, what is important for his hair regenerating effect on the scalp of the head, or differentiation of epithelial tissues. B-complex vitamins feed the hair and restores hair strength.

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