These 5 Plants For Your Bedroom Will Help You Sleep Better


Sleep deprivation is a serious health issues that affects many people around the world. It is also one of the most common health issues that has consumed incredible amounts of time and money on research about the solution to this problem, as stated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you are like most people, you’ve searched for the solution in various ways.

You might have bought a new mattress or pillow, you might have tried sleeping pills or banana tea, you might have tried yoga and meditation as well, but the cause of your sleep deprivation might lie somewhere else entirely and it might just be right in front of your eyes at the moment you’re reading this.

As you might already be familiar with, the air around us can be full of bacteria and various toxins invisible to the naked eye. Whether you have mildew in your home or simply the air pollution levels are high, the air you breathe might be the reason you are sleep deprived.

But, how can you improve the air in your environment? As you already know, the trees are our planet’s lungs and the more plants and trees you are surrounded with the purer your air will be.


That is why you should try and keep as many plants as you can around your house, especially in your bedroom, to keep your air fresh and your body healthy.

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Furthermore, keeping your air fresh by keeping plants at home will not only help with your sleep deprivation, but it will also improve the quality of a number of vital body functions and conditions.

Plants around the house will also help you:

  • Improve your mood
  • Reduce your migraines
  • Speed up your brain
  • Prevent colds
  • Feel less stressed and anxious.

According to a NASA study, these 5 plants are the best for filtering your air and improving the energy in your bedroom.  

The English Ivy

This is the most fashionable and effective plant according to NASA. It is very simple to keep and can eliminate even up to 94% of air bacteria.

The English Ivy is incredibly helpful with asthmatics and people with other respiratory conditions due to its efficiency in cleaning up the bacteria behind most common respiratory problems. In the long run, it also leads to higher quality sleep and it also wallet-friendly and beautiful to look at, so you have no excuses not to have one.

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The Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is one of the most common houseplants due to its beauty and ease of caring.  The Snake Plant is great for filtering your air and keeping your home fresh and stylish. Recent discoveries have claimed that this plant is also helpful with people suffering from migraines, eye irritations and respiratory problems, or people that just want to be more productive.

Aloe Vera

Also known as the plant of eternity, the Aloe Vera is very easy to propagate and keep, and it has a great number of benefits to your health and body.

The Aloe Vera has a well-deserved place on NASA’s list due to its well-proven emission of fresh oxygen that stirs most disease-spreading bacteria away, improves your sleep, and keeps your house fresh and stylish.


For most people, jasmine is associated with a vibrant color and a smell that brings feelings of calmness and ease. That is why this plant is great for keeping yourself relaxed and stress-free, more productive, and well rested.


If you have bought lavender oil before then you are aware what it can do for your health and body. However, if you keep a lavender plant you will experience advantages that you will never get from the oil itself. Keeping lavender at home can help you slow down your heart rate, become less-tense and anxious, and have a much healthier sleep cycle.  

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