32 Signs You Immediately Need More Magnesium (HOW TO GET IT)


Just as your car needs proper fuel, oil, water, glycerin and other things to run smooth, your body needs vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients in order to stay healthy. A shortage of any of these essential nutrients can lead to problems in your body’s operation and consequences for your health.

The sad truth is that our modern unhealthy diets have caused us nothing but nutrients shortages which in the majority of cases lead to serious health consequences.

Bad diets are so common in our society that a large percentage of our population suffer from at least one type of health condition caused by unhealthy diets.

One of the most common nutrient shortages is magnesium shortage, which is really concerning as magnesium is essential for our bodies.

The reason why magnesium shortage is so common is because it is extremely difficult to maintain a proper magnesium supply by simply eating modernly produced food.


The Cause of Magnesium Shortage and Its Effects on Your Health

If you were growing up a century ago, you wouldn’t have had to worry about getting enough magnesium as it was present in all of your food. You could go to your local market or grocery store without even spending a second worrying about whether the food you bought was actually causing your health to deteriorate.

However, things started changing since farming started being revolutionized, consequently resulting in lowered magnesium concentrations in the very soil where your food was grown.

Yet, all hope’s not lost as there are some food groups that naturally have a higher magnesium concentration, and even with modern farming practices, these food groups still contain enough magnesium for your body.  The food groups that are rich in magnesium are most green foods, seeds, nuts, beans and mackerel. Or alternatively, you can use magnesium supplements.

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Signs that your body needs more magnesium

If you happen to notice any of the following changes in your body, make sure you start increasing your magnesium levels.

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Cardiovascular problems
  3. Increased blood pressure
  4. Dental decay
  5. Headaches
  6. Disorientation
  7. Sleeplessness
  8. Hypertension
  9. Breathing problems
  10. Chronic Tiredness
  11. Asthma
  12. Liver Problems
  13. Cramping
  14. Troubled swallowing
  15. Lightheadedness
  16. Lack of calcium
  17. Lack of potassium (thirst, irritability)
  18. Hypoglycemia
  19. Raynaud’s syndrome(finger coldness, and numbness, skin discoloration caused by varying temperature levels)
  20. Nausea
  21. Osteoporosis
  22. Anxiousness
  23. Constipation
  24. Cystitis
  25. Diabetes (type 2)
  26. Problems with pregnancy (preterm labor, preeclampsia)
  27. Mood swings
  28. Depression
  29. Quivers
  30. Blood clotting
  31. Bowel Disease
  32. Seizures

Treating the Problem

Magnesium is so important because your body needs it to run over 300 different processes that are essential to your health. If you are not supplying your body with enough magnesium, the majority of those processes will be hindered, resulting in nothing but slower body functions and health deteriorations.

That’s why it is very vital to give your body enough magnesium, if you want to stay healthy. However, this is not always a straightforward task as matching the recommended daily dosage with food can sometimes be confusing.

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The fact is that even if you get enough daily intakes of any of the food groups it will not be enough to reach your goal. That’s why the smartest thing to do would be to start taking magnesium supplements along with your daily diet, because in that way you will not overeat yourself with different foods just to reach that magnesium target.

When choosing a supplement, make sure that you choose one that fulfills your magnesium needs but is also good for your body specifically. There are a great number of supplements that contain other ingredients which might not be a good addition to your diet, like the following:

  • Gluten
  • Sugars
  • Preservatives
  • Milk
  • Wheat

One of the most popular supplements is Women’s MULTIpro, because it has just the right magnesium concentration for women, regardless of their age (500mg), but also contains other vital ingredients, like biotin, zinc, chromium, iodine, as well as vitamins A and B1.

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