The Truth About Cancer and Essential Oils: What NO Oncologist Will Tell You


Essential oils are not a novelty in the world of home therapy. They were used long before modern medicinal practices even existed, but it is with modern scientific research that their effectiveness was proven.

One such research was focused on testing the frequencies in the human body and the effects of essential oils on these frequencies. For this purpose a CFM (Calibrated Frequency Monitor) was created by Bruce Taino, the head of the Department of Agriculture of the Eastern Washington University, which was later used by various laboratories, like the one in Hopkins University, to check this relation between the human frequency and essential oils.

Testing the frequencies was done by firstly establishing the range of frequencies that the human body emits when it is in top health, which is 62-78 MHz. Secondly, the frequency of the body which suffers a health condition was established, which is 58 MHz, and lower.

The next thing to be done was to test the interaction between various stimuli and the body’s frequency range. One example was to test what happens when a person holds a cup of coffee, and the results were that his/her frequency amounted to 58MHz as fast as 3 seconds from grasping the cup. While in other researches it was found that when a person thinks positively his/her frequency goes up by 8-10 MHZ, and when s/he thinks negatively it goes down by 10-12 MHz.

It wasn’t long before the researches started testing the interaction between various essential oils, such as cinnamon, grapefruit, ginger, mint, lavender, jasmine, etc., and a person’s body frequency and health, which lead to taking the research even further and testing the effect on essential oils on specific health problems and diseases, one of which is cancer.


Essential oils have also been previously tested in cancer studies that took a different approach than the frequency studies. One such study was testing the effect of oils on DNA code, because, as stated by Mahmoud Suhail, an immunologist, in order for cancer cells to appear, the cell’s DNA code needs to be corrupted. The results stated that some oils hold the power to inhibit and reverse this corruption, by emitting the primary DNA code to the cells.

Essential oils and the human body frequencies

The relation between the body’s frequencies and its health was further researched by a number of both medical and scientific professionals, one of which was Robert Becker MD, who in his book “The Body Electric Book” stated that you can easily discover a person’s general health by the frequency of his/her body. A similar statement came from one of the greatest scientific minds of our times – Nikola Tesla, who believed that if you could isolate certain frequencies from a human’s body you can improve that body’s immunity to various diseases that are caused by the frequencies interfering with the operation of different body organs. This was additionally confirmed by Dr. Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Prize by proving that human cells have a voltage that could be measured.

The work of these people serves to prove the validity of the claim that bodily frequencies can affect the human body in both resisting diseases and succumbing to them. In fact, it was found that materials with higher frequencies can terminate illnesses that generally omit lower frequencies.

The essential oils are such materials, however, not all oils have this effect, and not all of them can achieve it by being used individually.

If you ever found yourself buying essential oils in your local pharmacy or health store you probably have noticed that the selection of oils sold is very large. But the thing is, not all oils are what you would call healthy and beneficial. Most oils are either chemically produced or made with other substances, like alcohol, which are not at all good for your body. That’s why you should focus on buying only oils that are high-quality, “raw”, “pure”, and their grade is “therapeutic”. You would also need to combine them properly if you want to benefit most from their use.

The therapeutic essential oils have a frequency that ranges vastly, depending on the oil, from 52MHz to as much as 325MHZ. The Lavender oil, for example, has 118MHz, Sandalwood – 96MHz, Peppermint – 78MHZ, Frankincense – 147MHz, and German Chamomile – 105MHz.

Therapeutic Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Different essential oils offer different health benefits. One of the most popular therapeutic grade essential oils is chamomile oil, which is full of antioxidants. According to a study published in the journal of the Industrial Crops and Products, chamomile oil had the largest antioxidant concentration among a group of tested oils, some of which were lavender, rosemary, bitter fennel, sweet fennel, and thyme.

While, when it comes to breast cancer, thyme, cinnamon, jasmine, and chamomile essential oils were all found to be very effective in treating breast cancer. Furthermore, thyme essential oil was able to terminate 97% of the breast cancer cells, while chamomile had a 93% success.

Frankincense Oil and Cancer

Frankincense oil, as stated by Mahmoud Suhail, prevents the cell from producing corrupted DNA, because the oil has the ability to split the brain of the cell from its body, due to the 15 different active agents found in this oil. Also, the frankincense oil contains monoterpenes- which are compounds that help the body terminate cancer cells in both their development and growth stages.

The reason why such hope is seen in frankincense oil is that it provides an entirely different alternative to using regular chemotherapy. The standard medical practice for most patients suffering from cancer is to prescribe a chemotherapy which does not only terminate cancer cells but it also kills healthy cells which are essential to the patient’s body. Frankincense oil, on the other hand, does not affect any healthy cells.

Frankincense Oil – A Real-Life Example

There’s a real life example of the effectiveness of frankincense oil that comes from a woman from Long Beach, whose husband was diagnosed with a cancer that was so fast spreading, that his doctors informed him that it is impossible to remove it by operation. His prognosis was that he had no more than 6 months to live.

His wife decided that she would do all that’s in her power to help him, and that’s why she started looking for alternative solutions. It wasn’t long before she stumbled upon testimonials about frankincense oil and helped her husband try it.

Since he was diagnosed with liver cancer, he applied the oil on the area where his liver was located, but he also used some under his tongue, on a daily basis. When he went for his regular check a month later, his doctor informed him that his cancer started retreating, which inspired him to continue using it, until the size was small enough for an operation to be possible.

His operation took 75% of his liver and all of the cancer with it, however, he is still living a healthy life as we speak.

Other successful stories


Melanoma is a common type of skin cancer, which takes the form of skin moles. There are two testimonials of people that used essential oils to successfully get rid of their melanomas.

The first is the story of an older man who had stage4 melanoma on his back, which was successfully removed only to appear in a different area later – his nose. He wanted to try something different and firstly went for radiation therapy. However, after achieving little with it, he decided to use essential oils, after reading about them, and with the help of frankincense oil he was able to reduce, and remove his melanoma.

The other story is that of a younger man who also decided to use frankincense oil, two times a day, in the morning and nighttime. He would apply the oil, apply a band-aid on top of it, and leave it. He started noticing a reduction after three days of use, while after a week, the mole completely fell off.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that affects a large number of the female population. However, the successful stories of many women who fought breast cancer by using frankincense and lemongrass, applied to their breast every day, had changed the way this disease is treated. The majority of these women were able to eliminate the need of surgery and remove their tumors. The use of this treatment has the possibility of completely getting rid of breast cancer in 6 months.

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is yet another disease that affects a large number of women. One woman who suffered from cervical cancer was willing to try an alternative and use frankincense and wintergreen oil as her treatment, 2 times a day on her abdomen, and every four hours on her soles, and she was able to eliminate the need of operation after only one month.

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is another form of cancer that can be treated by using a combination of essential oils, as was witnessed by a couple whose 5 year old child had brain cancer. They decided to use a combination of a drop of frankincense and a drop of sandalwood and applied it to their child’s feet soles. They also reinforced the therapy with a drop of lavender oil and applied it on their child’s wrist. Several months of therapy were enough to make the cancer disappear.

Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Essential oils can be even used in truly severe cases, as was witnessed in a testimonial of a woman named Bebe who shared her story of her mother’s struggle with cancer. Her mother was suffering from stage4 lung cancer which spread so fast that even her hips, shoulders, pelvis, bones, and ribs had tumors.

Her mother started applying frankincense oil on every 3 hours, on the affected areas and the soles of her feet, and after 4 months she managed to terminate a large percentage of her cancer cells and was able to move again. When she went for an examination at her doctor’s office 7 months later, she was informed that her cancer was completely eliminated.

Bladder Cancer

According to a research from the University of Oklahoma, the combination of frankincense essential oil and sandalwood oil can be used to terminate cancer cells. Jackie Hogan, who was a person diagnosed with a strange form of bladder cancer, wanted to try this method instead of what her doctors suggested – removal of the organ through operation. She stuck with her choice and was able to achieve incredible results and keep her bladder.

Bone Marrow Degeneration

Elen was diagnosed with bone marrow degeneration and she turned to essential oils. She used them for three months before she was informed that her condition was vastly improved. In fact, she even didn’t attend her phlebotomy during her last months of use, and she is still alive and healthy today.


The testimonial of two fortunate parents, whose child’s leukemia reappeared after treatment, is yet another successful story. They wanted to take a different approach this time, and used essential oils to help his chemo, which resulted in the remission of his disease and the reduction of the side-effects of chemo.

Throat Degeneration

One patient who suffered from throat degeneration started using frankincense oil to treat his problem. After his examination four months later, his doctor informed him that his throat was rapidly regenerating and that it will be cured very soon.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Nose Carcinoma

Another real-life testimonial comes from a 52 year old woman who was supposed to have one of her nostrils and a part of her cheek removed, due to the basal cell carcinoma that affected the majority of her nose. She decided to follow a different path than what her doctor suggested and started changing her diet to include less sugar, more water and healthy food, while she also started using essential oils, as she was advised to try them by her friend. It only took 3 weeks until she saw the first results with the withdrawal of her rashes, and after only 2 months her nose was restored to normal. She continued to keep her new lifestyle and therapy, and was able to finally get rid of her carcinoma after a year.

Eye Carcinoma

A different successful example was the story of another patient who was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma in her eye. After she was diagnosed she started considering the ways in which she can eliminate her problem, and that’s when she remember that she had used essential oils before, for treating skin spotting on her back.

She went to consult her dermatologist who proposed the prior treatment, and she was given a green light, although her doctor couldn’t assure her that there would be no side-effects. She started researching different oils and read through a lot of testimonials until she decided that frankincense oil is the one she should use.

Her therapy consisted of applying the oil around her eyes three times a day, while also dropping two drops under her tongue, twice a day, morning and nighttime. Her first week didn’t bring much results but a tingling sensation, but after three weeks she started noticing a significant reduction in growth.

After her first month, the growth around her eyes started discharging liquid but it was almost entirely reduced, and two weeks later it completely fell off.  She was amazed by what she had achieved without any surgical interventions and dangerous treatments.

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