12 Weird Beauty Hacks That Actually Work!


When you do not have time to get yourself ready in the proper way that you follow everyday, just do not get rusted with the looks anyway.

You need to do these things which are quite easy and handy at the same time which give as much effective results to you.

So, here are 12 of the weird yet very effective beauty hacks you need to know about.

Eye shadow in your hair? How about beer? And Pepto Bismol on your face?

1. When you cannot dye, put some eye shadow on the roots and it will work just fine.

2. Use dry sheets to dry your hair when in a hurry.

3. Put some baby powder over the mascara and it will stay for longer time.

4. Heating your eyeliner a little bit makes it flow like liquid and then freezing it prevents flakes.

5. Applying a dash of Pepto Bismol give you a shinier and tighter skin.

6. Forgot shampoo? Do it with beer instead and feel the comfort of both shampoo and conditioner.

7. Use olive oil to remove matte lipstick marks from your lips.

8. Use activated charcoal to brush your teeth and find the best results.

9. Just apply eyeliner at the end of the curls inside layer.

10. When out of shaving gel, use conditioner to avoid razor scratches and cuts.

11. Apply vaseline to your brush and rub on your lips to exfoliate.

12. Rub strawberries on your teeth before brushing to get whiter teeth.

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