Cannabis Dissolves Cancerous Tumor In Young Infant, Deemed A “Miracle Baby” By Physician


One parent decided to take a different road and not expose his 8-month baby to radiation and chemo-therapies for his brain tumor which could not be operated.

Despite the skepticism of his doctor, Dr. William Courtney, the father decided to try treating his baby’s tumor with cannabis oil.

The doctor, who was at first unconvinced is now one of the strongest advocates of the use of cannabis oil.

Dr. Courtney told the Huffington Post that the parents “were putting cannabis oil on the baby’s pacifier two times a day, and increased the dosage each day… And only after two months a dramatic decrease was observed, which was sufficient enough for their oncologist to allow them to further pursue their therapy instead of conventional therapy”

Their therapy brought incredible results. After only four months their son’s tumor was entirely eliminated, and after eight months the brain tissue was back to normal.


The doctor had the following to say about the success of the treatment:

 “Due to this success, this child will not have to suffer the long-term side effects that would have been a result from high doses of chemotherapy or radiation… the child’s being called a miracle baby, and I have to agree that this is the best response that we should be insisting is frontline therapy for every child before they put them on every medicationd that have terrible longterm side effects.”

A Miracle Cure

The uses of Cannabis in therapy are vast. It can be used for treating a large number of diseases, from autoimmune disorders, to neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and even asthma.  A number of states in the U.S. have already legalized the use of cannabis in medicinal purposes, due to its immense medicinal power, while two states, Colorado and Washington, have even legalized the use of cannabis for recreation.

There are countless of studies that prove that cannabis has an amazing healing power, especially in the case of cancer. There are 25 studies that the National Cancer Institute has documented, which prove the power of cannabis in cancer inhibition.

There are even animal tests which were done on two types of liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatic adenoma tumors), where both cancer types were significantly lowered when cannabis was used.  Furthermore, benign tumors in other parts like the testes, uterus, mammary glands, and pancreas were also decreased.

There are other reviews which also discovered that the cannabinoids seem to promote the death of cancer cells and the preservation of healthy cells. Cannabis can also trigger programmed cell death in breast cancer cell lines as well as protect against colon and lung cancer.

The benefits of using cannabis are endless. You can find more information if you are interested in the documentary below.

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