Domestic Marigold Cream: You Can Heal Everything With The Help Of This Amazing Cream!


If you are worrying about your health and  health of your loved ones, this product you have to have in your home.

There is no alternative to this!

Marigold cream, prepared according to this recipe is universal.

It is used as a medicine and for cosmetic purposes. For many, it is known that Marigold cream has antiseptic, antibacterial and regenerative properties.

This creme can be used by children and it can help with rashes and dermatitis. For the breastfeeding mothers it was miracle. They used it as a treatment for cracked nipples.

This cream helps with cuts, burns, insect bites, fungal diseases. It is also great for skin inflammation, eczema, scars, varicose veins that create a venous network.

It is very effective for oily skin and acne – reduces sebum secretion, it cleans and tights pores. If you have a rough and chapped skin – this cream will be of great benefit. There are different recipes for the preparation of  marigold cream.

I suggest you a recipe that  I use for preparing this cream. It is proven to be a very good and this fat became almost indispensable in my house. The preparation is really quick and easy, with only two ingredients.

To prepare the cream you will need:

  • 10 grams of beeswax
  • 120 ml of oil from marigold
  • 2 baking dish

I recommend you buy beeswax from the beekeeper, and marigold oil in herbal pharmacies. Otherwise, for the preparation of marigold cream, use of domestic oil from marigold.

Oil assembled with wax and put in an enamel sauce pan, on water vapour and weak fire.

It is necessary to constantly mix this mass to complete dissolution of wax. When the mixture is homogeneous drip on the table surface and let it to get cool.


Marigold cream is ready, if there is consistency of cream. If the cream is too thick, add more oil, if it’s to thin – wax. Than you pour cream in a clean glass jar and leave it to cool. After closing the lid you store it in the fridge. It can last for one year. If necessary, make a larger amount.

This recipe is really effective, thanks to the exceptional nature of beeswax. No matter which recipe you used,marigold fat will be very helpful.

Marija Treben, well known Austrian herbalist, shared her experience about applying creamof marigold in her book “Health from God’s pharmacy“.

One of her acquaintances had to remove the breast urgently. She prepared marigold cream for her.

The woman used this cream for postoperative wound and  the pain was gone and scars healed faster than those of other patients. After that it was necessary to reduce radiation treatment more than it was planned.

Also Marija has a story of a woman whose legs were all in nodes and varicose veins. She put this cream to thin cloth that she was using to cover her legs. After 4 weeks nodes were gone and leg skin became smooth.

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