The Truth About The “Black” Bread: Place It In The Water And You Will Find Out If You Have Been Cheated!


Black or rye bread is extremely popular among the population that cares about their health and have a proper diet.

Such bread to be produced by the large proportion of whole wheat or rye grains, so it retains all the important nutritional ingredients.

The secret of black bread is his wealth in fiber, vitamins B and E, selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and other high value chemical compounds.

Even in small quantities, gives a distinct feeling of satiety and by so experts recommend as an appetizer for the elimination of nervousness because of hunger.

Also, black bread much better retains the taste, smell and can stand longer without “hardened”.


It is useful to know that the black bread has a much lower “bad” cholesterol than white but highly recommended heart patients and that the fibers contribute to low blood sugar so that diabetics also prices of this product.

It is important when you’re buying to check whether black or wholemeal bread really “black”, is it produced from whole grain or has only added caramel for color, or something more insidious, which is generally should not be placed in the bread.

Anonymous baker who is well acquainted with the methods of dyeing bread, described the newspaper ‘’Kurir’’ that the so-called black bread for color added – just everything. Coffee, cocoa, artificial colors, to red wine … The methods used by manufacturers are different, and all because of the profit.

Not every rye bread is really like that. Rye bread can be called only one that contains at least 30 percent rye flour.

For rye dough, gluten is bad (which is healthy) and rupture “grid” of gluten, which prevents firing when the water evaporates from the dough.

The result is a compact structure of a real rye bread.

In wheat gluten dough quality is significantly better. The result is loose and airy structure of bread, which is to avoid those who are sick or sensitive to gluten.

In conclusion of the above – it is not possible to bread with a majority percentage of rye flour is soft with humus structures as wheat bread!

How to recognize a real black bread?

  • Place the water in the middle of a piece of black bread. If bread is white, and the water becomes dark, means that is painted.
  • Black bread is hard, compacted and has a higher moisture content than white
  • Black bread can be airy and springy
  • The center of black bread has deeper pores and lower his volume
  • Black bread smells differently than white

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