Unhealthy Food Cravings are a Sign of Mineral Deficiencies


Have many times you’ve found yourself just craving for junk food?

Regardless of our levels of self-control and discipline, even the best of us succumb to the urge to nibble on some chips, chocolates and doughnuts.

And it doesn’t stop here.

Whenever you eat something like that you usually feel the need to eat more unhealthy snacks.

Well, recent researches have shown that such cravings might be a sign of your body missing some vital minerals that a number of these unhealthy snacks contain.


The best sources of minerals are healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, cereals, and whole grains. If you eat such foods regularly you will not feel cravings for junk foods, because what your body misses will already be supplied in sufficient amounts through your healthy diet.

Which Minerals Are Found in Unhealthy Foods?

Sugary snacks (Chromium, Sulfur, Phosphorus, and Tryptophan )

Snacks that contain sugars usually contain all five minerals listed above which means that whenever you feel the urge to eat some sugary snack like a doughnut, or something similar, your body is actually missing those minerals.

Here’s why those minerals are found in such snacks:

Phosphorus enables the energy production in your body;

Sulfur is a mineral that detoxifies your organism;

Tryptophan regulates the serotonin levels;

Carbon is a mineral used in sugar derivation;

Chromium is what regulates blood sugar levels;

If you want to stop feeling those sugar cravings you should strive to regularly eat the healthy foods that contain them like fish, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, cereals, whole grains, and dark leafed vegetables.

Chocolate (Magnesium)

If you ever feel the irresistible need to eat some chocolate you are probably lacking magnesium. According to reports, as much as 80% of Americans have magnesium deficiency, which is a concerning fact taking into consideration that magnesium is very important to over 300 biochemical reactions in the human body.

Magnesium is what allows your body to relax after you’ve had a hard day at your job, which is why it is also called the “relaxing mineral”. This label was given to magnesium due to the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, which are irritability, anxiousness, high blood pressure, as well as insomnia.

This is the reason why you might feel relaxed and calm after you have eaten a chocolate, particularly if you are already suffering from magnesium deficiency. But, instead of always reaching for a chocolate, you should try some healthier and richer sources of magnesium.

If you want to stop feeling those magnesium cravings, you should eat more nuts, seeds, dark green leafy vegetables, beans, fish, as well as molasses.

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