Different Stomach Types and Their Meaning


There are different types of stomach and knowing about what type yours is could help you lose weight faster. As a matter of fact, this extra piece of information can get you on the right path before you start sticking with a strict diet. There are a few types of belly and these include the following:

Low Stomach 

If your stomach is low, this could mean that you are stressed out. In many studies, people who are deemed as perfectionists have low stomach. This is because they usually have issues with bloating and digestion due to stress. The hormone called cortisol is produced more than the usual amount in people who are in a good mood. Cortisol is responsible for the stress you currently feel. When this hormone is ever-present in the body, you will have a fat stomach that lies lower than normal.

To solve this problem, you of course have to relax yourself. Stop thinking about things that only cause you stress. Additionally, you should skip on eating junk food and drinking too much coffee or any caffeinated drinks. Also, you shouldn’t skip meals. As a matter of fact, it helps if you keep eating more food, but in smaller amounts. When stressed, don’t reach out for a cigarette as this can only aid in your gut problems.

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Very Low Stomach

Skinny people who have a very low tummy may indicate that they are hardworking people. Usually, this type of stomach appears in women, particularly mothers, who don’t have enough time to take care of themselves. Instead, most of their time is dedicated to their responsibilities and chores. Individuals with this type of stomach tend to eat the same food and they usually eat while standing up.

If you have this type of tummy, the best solution is to have a balanced diet. Don’t keep eating the same foods over and over or those with the same ingredients. Have meals that are colorful and do some exercise whenever you get the chance.

Flat Tire Stomach

If you sit down almost all the time, you have this kind of tummy. Those whose work involves sitting in front of the computer for several hours a day have the so-called flat tire stomach. This type of stomach, although very unattractive, is quite easy to fix.

The reason why you have a flat tire kind of stomach is because you consume foods that are rich in sugar. You also like to eat when you’re stressed or down. Among your favorites include pasta and white bread. As you can see, it’s all about wrong food choices. Instead of the usual, go for healthy foods and refrain from drinking soda and alcohol.

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Bloated Stomach

If you have ever noticed that your stomach is flat when you wake up and later during the day, it just swells, you have a bloated stomach. This is often because of indigestion or gas and this can occur on both overweight and skinny people.

Food intolerance often causes this type of problem, so get rid of your food allergies if you want to solve this problem. Some foods that cause this reaction include alcohol, yeast in pastries and muffins, gluten, and wheat.

Your tummy type, once identified, can help you find the best approach that can help you lose weight. If you have been trying to flatten your stomach yet nothing happens, this could help solve your dilemma.

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