How To Detox Through Your Feet


Detoxification – returns the balance of the cells, reduces blood sugar, stimulating the immune system and improves the quality of sleep.

Detoxification positively affects the immune system, strengthen mental stability, reduces cellulite and extended life.

This is especially recommended for people who have problems with kidneys and the persons who are on dialysis.

Why do we need detoxification through the feet?

The rapid pace of life and the constant race against time, poor diet, various diseases, dirty air, cigarettes, and stress disturb the balance and unbalanced human organism.

Despite the daily physical activity, a number of toxins remain in the body, adversely affecting its normal functioning.

They cause headaches and fatigue, depression, and sometimes psychological disorders.

Reducing toxins are important for our health!

There are many kinds of methods for detoxification through the feet, but as the best is considered – ionic detox foot baths.

Here’s how it works:

Ionic foot baths are used to detoxify the whole body through the feet.

With the help of this treatment effectively and quickly remove the forgotten toxins and harmful substances, and thus strengthens immunity and normalize the functioning of the body.


How ionic detox foot baths work

While the feet are immersed in the bath with warm salt water , they are exposed to a series of positive and negative ions, and thanks to the ionic pressure revive skin tissue. There is no sense of discomfort during treatment and is completely safe. You will be surprised and at the same time curious as to how the water changes color in a short time.

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