New Sexually Transmitted Infection is Spread – 100,000’s of People Infected (Video)


Mycoplasma Genitalium is a rare autoimmune condition that affects the muscles.

Its symptoms are hidden and it is transferred through sexual contact.

Consequently, many people who have been infected with Mycoplasma are not even aware of that.

Some of the most common symptoms are: vaginal bleeding, testicles pain, a discharge from the penis and pain around the genital region, especially during sex.

The consequences of the incurable infection are even worse.

About 1% of the population is infected with this bacterium, doctors assume.

When it comes to women, it is mostly manifested by irregular vaginal bleeding, infertility, painful sex, and ectopic pregnancy.

On the other side, the consequences of this infection in men are milder.

Mycoplasma is a very common sexually transmitted disease, but it’s not sufficiently explored. It is caused by microorganisms that have features of bacteria and occur in the urethra and reproductive system.

The Mycoplasma term actually refers to a group of bacteria that includes more than 70 different species, but only some of them that are present in the human body are certainly determined to cause disease and infection in humans.

According to a study published in 2007 it was shown that the infection caused by the bacteria Mycoplasma genitalium seems to have exceeded the gonorrhea, by the number of cases, and now became the third most common sexually transmitted disease among the young.

Among adolescents who took part in the study of health throughout America, it was shown that 4.2 % were infected with chlamydia, 2.3% with Trichomonas, 1% with Mycoplasma and 0.4% with gonorrhea.

Similar results have been published in the latest report from the UK. The results show that not only the young people are in danger, but also middle-aged people can be infected. However, the consequences of this infection are far worse.

However, you can protect yourself from MG by practicing safe sex. The humble condom offers the best protection against STIs and can be used during penetrative, oral and anal sex.