She Drank Warm Honey Lemon Water Every Morning For a Year … (Must See What Happened)


Crystal Davis is a young woman who shares his incredible story with millions of people worldwide who do not believe in the power of natural remedies.

Her story begins 1 year ago when she suffered from flu, and medicines from the pharmacy she had not helped.

“The drugs from the pharmacy is not helped me, and I was weaker.

One woman recommended me to drink warm water with honey and lemon every morning. Of course, I reacted with skepticism, but I decided to listen to her because I was not looking smarter. The flu has gone, but I went in the drink habit.

I started to drink every day and this tradition lasts 1 year. During that time, my body transformed in amazing and unexpected ways.

Here’s what has changed:

For 1 year I never got sick. Do not bother me any pain in the stomach.

I must mention that I never believed in the power of folk medicine. I was a slave to pharmacies. Whenever I had stomach problems-I drank tablets. Chronic fatigue – I drink multivitamins. I know you understand what I’m talking.

My headaches are gone. Now I wear honey and lemon and where to go. I drink this drink even in hotels, on holiday and winter vacation.

I no longer drink morning coffee, and very easy I wake up. My lemon-honey cocktail unchains me from dependence on coffee. Now I have more energy throughout the day. I always sleep great and wake up smiling. Earlier,to wake I needed after an hour. Now I’m not nervous, I forgot the last time I felt tension.

I persuaded the family to follow my example. Thus, last year we are free from colds and flu.

I do not know how it works this magical drink but really works. I am very grateful to the woman who gave me this advice.

My recipe:

Usually about 1 cup of brew, I mix half a lemon – juice and a tablespoon of honey. In this mixture add boiling water. I drink this drink every morning when I wake up.

How does it work?

I searched through medical sites to find out what it is. And I found a few important things.

This brew protects you from infections of the urinary tract. Lemon and honey stimulate the work of the digestive system and they hydrated the colon. The result is an excellent remedy for constipation and cystitis.

Honey contains powerful antibacterial properties and thus protect you from any kind of infection. It also makes the stomach produce more juice that allows the body to more efficiently eliminate toxins. Because you can more easily control the weight.

Lemon has many positive properties when it comes to skin health. It also purifies the blood. If you feed the body with lemon much faster it will produce new cells.

Water, in turn, stimulates the production of collagen which is necessary for the skin.

Overall, I warmly recommend the drink. Moreover, it is tasty. Simply try.”

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