This is What Your Period is Saying About Your Health


Women have to struggle with this every month.

The period make them feeling sick, bloated and sometimes the pain that this cause is real nightmare.

But we can’t do anything about this because this is a natural and normal body function.

All women shall know this fact, because it may discover serious health issue.

But women aren’t so exited to talk about their period and usually those problems can be unnoticed.

If you know this facts, you will be able to identify the signs, to be more informed to help yourself in time if there is a health issue.

  • Color and flow, the period can be categorized in three type of colors,
  • Mashed frozen blueberries
  • Strawberry jam
  • Cranberry juice

According to Dr. Alisa Vitti, a holistic health counselor and functional nutritionist.

The texture which seems to frozen blueberries shows high estrogen levels, making the cycle  heavier than it should be, because the uterus is thicker than it shall be.

The color like strawberry jam is showing low level of estrogen. The cycle is going to be patchy and often is late due to the estrogen being a thinner lining. Light flow is often connected with birth control use.

And  the last but not the least, the color similar to cranberry juice is in fact the perfect color. Cycle starts on time and ends on time, and it is not so heavy, actually you don’t feel pain at all.

Spotting is when you bleed a little during you period. This means that something is wrong,  For that reason the one

Who has this issue shall consult with a doctor. This is cause due to:

  • Stress (hormonal imbalance) the levels of the estrogen and progesterone are imbalances and in most cases are stimulated by thyroid gland, dysfunctional ovaries and birth control.
  • Infection (Cancer) this is the most rare but it can be affected by cervix cancer, uterus or ovaries cancer Period Pain.

Menstrual cramps are also known as dysmenorrheal and they are showing because of excessive prostaglandin amounts. This hormone is active and also included in the inflammation and the pain.

All this is natural. Cramps occur the lining is shed, and it has nowhere to go and causes cramps. !0% in the world is struggle with this severe pain and menstrual cramps.

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