WHEN CANCER APPEARS THIS IS HIS FOOD: The Food You Should Remove As Soon As Possible


About the harmfulness of these food people often speak and write, but many people still consuming it.

Sugar has a significant impact on the development of cancerous cells in the body, but many are still constantly consuming it.

A recent survey is conducted by a group of scientists from the University of California in San Francisco.

It has been discovered that there is an element which is located in different types of food, and which contributes to the achievement of over 35 million deaths worldwide each year.

How are completed, sugar is the cause of many health problems such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, heart disease, cancers and so forth.


A study conducted at the Institute of Cancer in the state of Utah in the United States revealed that the sugar is one of the main causes for the development of tumors.

Tumor cells use more glucose than normal cells. Various studies have shown that people who have higher levels of glucose have higher predispositions that they will develop more cancer, according to their study.

The fact is that our cells require glucose – a form of sugar that is transformed into energy.

Cancer cells can not survive in a simple carbohydrate, including refined sugars found in processed foods and sweets.

The process during which glucose is converted to pyruvic acid and can no longer provides the energy to healthy cells is glycolysis.

Unlike normal cells, cancer cells can convert their energy from glycolysis without oxygen.

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This process is called anaerobic glycolysis, and creates waste products, similar to lactic acid. This type of lactic acid may be decomposed in the liver, a waste product of the process is glucose, which is returned to a cancer-round shape and in which the cycle is continuously conducted through the bloodstream with glucose, which stimulates the growth and development of tumors.

Experts point out that processed sugars associated with cancer for two reasons:

  1. They’re potential cause of cancer
  2. The best are “food” for cancer cells when they appear in the body

To protect health, consider the amount of sugar you consume and try to reduce your intake of processed sugar.

One thing is certain – they do not have a favorable impact on health!

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