Anonymous Declares War On The CDC, FDA and Monsanto Over The Literal Poisoning Of Our Children With #Op_Pharma


An “Anonymous” YouTube user named “TheAnonMessage” has just announced #Op_Pharma, a coordinated effort to expose the “lies and corruption of the medical system” and Big Pharma.

War has been declared.

But it’s not the tax increasing, lie and slavery inducing wars like President Johnson’s war on poverty, Nixon’s war on drugs or Bush/Obama’s war on terror.

No, this is a war that you may already be fighting; A war that exposes the underbelly of Big Pharma and the governmental agencies that promote them.

The group Anonymous is now gearing up for this battle with a new video announcement, as reported by Natural News:

“An ‘Anonymous’ YouTube user named ‘TheAnonMessage’ has just announced #Op_Pharma, a coordinated effort to expose the ‘lies and corruption of the medical system’ and Big Pharma…

he video introduction uses clips from a documentary that includes the voice of the Health Ranger and other outspoken critics of the pharmaceutical cartels.

From there, the video shows a ‘V for Vendetta’ video while a computer generated voice speaks the following:

We have ignored their crimes for too long…

How long do we keep feeding our children poison?

How long should we allow their crimes to go unpunished?

Many of you have already woken up to this profit-driven system.

It is time to take action.

It is time to expose the corruption and demand justice for the victims.

Our life is more important than their profits. We are more than a commodity for a business.”

Watch this video:

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