Man Healed 5000 People From Cancer: This Is A Recipe That Kills All Types Of Tumor In 90 Days [Video]


Rick Simpson, the biggest cannabis icon in the world, rushed to Belgrade recently as soon as he heard about the debate about medicinal marijuana use in the Serbian capital. He certainly has many things to share as he has healed over 5000 people with the herb.

The foreign guests at the debate stated their belief that Josip Broz Tito banned the use of cannabis on behalf of the pharmaceutical mafia. Simpson says that cannabis has been used as a treatment for many diseases for millennia. He is a self-taught doctor and a mechanical engineer who was diagnosed with severe skin cancer over a decade ago. In 2002, after 3 unsuccessful facial surgeries, doctors informed Rick that his time has come.

The lesions always came back after an operation, and there was nothing he could do. However, since he studied plants as a hobby, Rick remembered about a study he read a while ago about the effects of THC on cancer, and immediately started treatment with cannabis oil. In just 4 days, his wounds were gone and his skin became pink again! He told everyone that cannabis has miraculously cured him, but no one believed him.

Everyone laughed at me, but here eleven and a half years have passed, the cancer didn’t return”, Rick says.

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Of all the people he helped, he picked his last case as the most memorable one. An 80-year old man was living his last days on Earth due to lung cancer, and the doctors informed him that he only has 48 hours to live.

He was bedridden, with open wounds on the legs, swollen by chemo and barely breathing. When Rick offered cannabis oil therapy to his son, the man went to his father’s doctor, who declined to treat his patient with the therapy. However, the son decided on his own that he wants to give cannabis a try, and just 30 minutes after applying the cannabis oil, his father started breathing normally again!

The doctors told the son that his father’s vitals will come back for a short time before he dies, but he checked out his father from the hospital the same day and threw out all cancer drugs he was on. They continued with the cannabis oil therapy and in just 3 months, the cancer went away!

Rick says that age doesn’t play a part for the therapy.

As he needed raw cannabis for the treatment, Rick started cultivating marijuana, but his field was raided by the police 4 times in 3 years! He says that everyone in North America who claims that cannabis is a cancer cure is threatened with a long jail sentence. Rick himself spent only 4 days in jail, but was sentenced for cultivating, owning and selling marijuana in 2005. He paid 2000 dollars for the fine, but was threatened with 12 years in prison!

He says that what hurt him most were the jurors who were people who had their dearest people cured by Rick’s cannabis oil treatment! The judge knew that everything is a farce, yet proceeded with the sentence. “If you don’t know the meaning of “coward court” go to Canada and you will be clear!” Simpson says.

Rick hasn’t sold a gram of weed in his life. He gave it away to sick people, and even posted the recipe for cannabis oil online. Many fake oils are sold and advertised as Rick’s, but he has a specific way of treatment and claims that the oil is easier to prepare than coffee.

“The usual dose I give for cancer is 60 grams within 90 days. By the way, it is never late for the patient to start cannabis oil therapy.

There isn’t such excuse as, “It is late” … If you ask me if I approve smoking of marijuana, I will tell you it isn’t off course efficient as cannabis oil, but it is scientifically proven that people who smoke marijuana live six years longer than those who don’t”, Rick says.

“Not many people know that cannabis has been used hundreds of years before Christ as one of the most healing remedies. In the ancient Persian religious scripts where among other are described the most healing herbs, the first place had fallen right on cannabis.

People have the right to cannabis, free medicine given to them by nature, taken by medical gangsters because of pure greed!”

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