PEPPER-WATER is the New Lemon-Water! It Heal, Remove Mucus And Aids to Weight Loss (Recipe)


Miraculous spice: You use it every day, you all have it in your kitchen, but you may not be aware of the its healing properties.

This is one of the best drinks that you can drink for good health, and the natural consequence will be the reduction in weight …

Pepper-water is considered to be one of the best drinks that will help you lose more weight and get rid of various health problems.

Pepper–water is rich in flavor, and in ancient India, this spice had a great importance because it was considered to boost immunity.

Also, you can drink it as an aid in the treatment of diabetes, and according to some researches, it is powerful ally even in the treatment of cancer.

How to prepare PEPPER-WATER?

In a bowl put two cups of water. In the water put two teaspoons of freshly grounded black pepper.

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Then heat the water, add a pinch of salt and two rose petals.

Strain the contents and drink it while it’s still warm! If you prefer you can also drink it cold, and it is recommended to drink it twice daily.

Benefits of pepper-water:

1. Gives you energy – If you lack energy, be sure to consume this drink.

2. Prevents constipation – 2 cups a day soften the stool.

3. Prevents dehydration – dehydration is the cause of many health problems. It is recommended to drink this drink in morning and evening.

4. Weight loss – given that the liquid is spicy, it boosts the metabolism.

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5. Reduces the feeling of hunger!

6. Slows the aging process – it is a great antioxidant

7. Prevents diabetes – if you get used to drinking two glasses of pepper-water a day, your metabolism and immunity will be flawless!

8. It is expectorant – helps loosen accumulated mucus

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