Press These Points On Your Baby’s Feet To Stop Crying Immediately


Do you ever heard of reflexology?

It is a millennia-old Chinese practice which not long time ago became popular in the Western world. This treatment is used for many conditions and diseases, but also it has been used to calm down crying babies.

Babies can’t tell you what is wrong and which is the reason for their crying, but reflexology can help you to find out what is the problem, thus helping you to solve it faster.

Reflexology foot guide for babies

It is considered that babies are more responsive to the practice in comparison with adults, because babies are more receptive to touch. Usually, when the babies are upset, we use to hold them or rub their back, which makes reflexology an ideal technique for them.

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This technique works by applying pressure on specific points on the body, and treating numerous problems linked to different parts of the body. The above guide shows these body parts and their relation to the areas of the babies’ feet.


You need to work on the tips of the toes in order to treat problems related to the head and teeth. This will reduce the pain which is caused by teething or ear infections.

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The center of the toes is the area on the feet that affects sinuses. Massaging these areas can relieve the sinus problems as a runny nose. Even though it will not entirely cure the colds, it will reduce the symptoms and you baby will be calmed down.


The top of the foot above the arch is connected to the chest area. Applying pressure on this area will relieve chest congestion. Moreover, it is extremely effective for treating colds or chronic coughs that cause phlegm buildup. Many studies claim that reflexology can reduce all forms of congestion.

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Upper and lower abdomen

Upper abdomen is connected to the arch of the foot. Applying pressure on this area will help with digestive issues as bowel obstruction or heartburn.

The lower half of the arch is connected with the lower abdomen. Massage this point in order to treat post-digestive problems as bloating and constipation.

Solar plexus

Solar plexus is a collection of nerves between the lungs and stomach. It is difficult to determine the cause of pain in this area because of the different nerve endings, but it is recommended to massage the upper area of the foot arch.


The heel of the baby’s foot is connected to pelvic pain. Massaging this area will help you to relieve postural problems and muscle tightness.

It is very important to know that reflexology can help you only with certain types of pain. Do not consider this technique as a remedy. If your baby is suffering from a serious condition, you should never replace medical care. This technique will relax the baby and relieve the pain temporarily.

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