She Rubs Aloe Vera On Her Face. What Happens After 15 Minutes Will Surprise You!


Aloe vera is one plant that is constantly used in several commercial beauty products.

Buying these products could prove expensive and these products usually have side effects such as skin irritation, such as rashes.

You can avoid the side effects of these commercial products by applying aloe vera directly to your face and get the natural healing and soothing properties of this wonder herb.

This is how you can use aloe vera:

1. Thoroughly Wash The Aloe Vera

Wash the Aloe vera plant very well without peeling it, just ensure that the leaves are properly cleaned out.

2. Soften The Aloe Vera

Thump the Aloe vera leaves to soften it.

3. Then Split The Leaf In Half

Cut the aloe vera leaf in half. You are not going to use the entire leaf so just cut the portion you need.


4. Chop Off The Edges

To peel the Aloe vera leaf you will need to choose off the edges first of all with a knife. The edges need to be cut from both sides, this will open the leaf up and make it easy to peel off.

5. Split The Leaf Into Two

Once the edges are cut, the next thing you do us to slit open the Aloe vera leaf with your hands. If the center of the leaf does not open easily then you can use a knife to slit it open.

6. Scrape The Juice Out

With a spoon you will scoop the juice out of the leaf. Take out as much juice as possible do not let any of the juice go to waste then out the juice in a bowl.

7. Apply The Juice To Your Face

Apply the juice to your face with your fingers. You can also apply the leaf directly on your face, the juice will form a mask which you will leave on to dry for about 20 minutes.

8. Thoroughly Rinse It Off Your Face

Peel the mask from your face, then thoroughly rinse it with clean water, don’t use soap to wash your face, use only water.

9. Get A Spotless Skin In The End

Pat dry your face with a clean hand towel, your skin will come out looking smooth, supple and bright glowing.

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