Six Issues That Indicate A Weak Heart And We Ignore Them All


People tend to ignore problems like snoring, bleeding gums and sexual problems.

The reason why they don’t pay much attention to these problems is because they don’t assume that these can actually be sings of the most dangerous killer in the world.

According to Dr. John Erwin, a cardiologist, when arteries begin to give away, the symptoms begin to manifest in the body.


The following are the main symptoms of a heart disease that most people do not notice until it’s too late.

Sexual problems

According to many people, sexual problems happen as a result of some psychological barriers and this is usually true. Nevertheless, particularly at men, this indicates a slam blood flow which is one characteristic of a heart disease. Make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible if you notice any kind of these symptoms.

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Snoring and sleep apnea

This phenomenon can be deadly. Snorring can be a sing of short interupptions in breathing during sleep and this indicates that there are some psychological or physical problems in the body that are not solved. On the other hand, snorring can be a sign of too strong heart rates which can be considered as indicator of heart problems.

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Bleeding gums

A serious infection can cause bleeding gums. For instance, the paradentose can destroy the whole jawbone. This infection could significantly increase the risk of a heart attack.

Tightness and pain in the shoulder blades

As people explain, when they have a heart attack, they feel like an “elephant is sitting on their chest”. Moreover, people also feel neck pain, tightness around the shoulders and hands before they experience a heart attack.

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Swelling of limbs

Swelling of hands and feet during physical activity is a normal process, but if you notice swelling at rest or if the swelling doesn’t decrease, it may indicate that you have blockages in the arteries which are causing the swelling.

Problems with digestion and heartburn

People most commonly go to the doctor because they feel like they have heart problems, but they actually have acids in the stomach which are causing the heartburn. However, if you feel a burning sensation in the chest accompanied by breathlessness, dizziness and faint see a doctor immediately.

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