Woman With Two Vaginas Answers Questions We All Want To Know


For most of us, one set of genitals is enough to be going on with. Try telling that to model and YouTuber Cassandra Bankson, who was born with uterus didelpys, a rare condition which means she was born with two vaginas.

So how does the world know about Cassandra’s condition? Instead of keeping it a secret, Cassandra has been incredibly honest about what life is really like with two vaginas over on her YouTube channel DiamondsAndHeels14.

Although it may sound like a dream come true for some people, having two vaginas can seriously affect the health of those living with the condition. From sex to fertility to periods, discovering you suffer from uterus didelpys can lead to a whole host of problems.

If you’re now desperate to know what life is like with two vaginas, read next part. But first, please be warned, that if you don’t like chat about periods, dodgy bowels, and cramps, then please stop reading immediately.

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For a woman with two vaginas, periods are bound to be a lot worse than your average lady. Cassandra explains that double the vagina means double the period:

“Essentially they overlap. One starts, hormones trigger the other, the first stops and then the second subsides. Because they overlap, I was not aware of this condition for the majority of my life. Although it sucks miserably, I have never known anything else.”

Period cramps also affect Cassandra’s control over her bowels, as her entire lower abdomen is transformed into a period-y battle ground. At one point, the period pain was so bad that Cassandra had to be hospitalised.

So how does the condition affect Cassandra’s relationships with other people? She said:

“I am a very open person and believe that communication and trust is quintessential to any relationship – romantic, professional, friendly. I would want anyone who I choose to become romantically involved with to understand and respect my condition, as well as everything else that comes with it.”

Although Cassandra’s condition is quite rare, affecting just one in every 3,000 women, she’s not the only one who’s taken to the internet to open up about it.

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