10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally


Feeling sluggish?

Experiencing low energy by end of the day?

Many elements may cause a drain of power, however there are simply as some ways to spice up power ranges if you’re feeling foggy and discovering it laborious to pay attention.

These 10 natural energy boosters will keep your engine humming throughout the day:

1. Drink a glass of water. One of the reasons you may feel tired is that you are really dehydrated. Our bodies need clean water to operate efficiently. In fact, the brain uses 75% of the fluid circulating through the body to communicate with every cell and nerve fiber. If you don’t like plain water, try adding a slice of cucumber, a sprig of mint, a strawberry or a celery stick.

 2. Eat an apple. Apples contain natural sugars, which your body can turn into energy. An apple will have the same effect as a cup of coffee without the side effect of an energy crash. Any kind of apple will do, so pick the one you like best.

 3. Do five or more push-ups. You can also try jumping jacks, climbing a flight of stairs or just stretching like a kitten. Movement gets your blood circulating through your body, bringing oxygen to your brain and your tissues and making you more alert and energetic.

Movement also helps circulate your lymphatic system and cleans out viruses and bacteria, and releases endorphins, hormone-like substances that promote an increased sense of well-being.

4. Take a 20-minute power nap. Between 15 and 30 minutes is all you need. You don’t want to get into deep REM sleep, or you’ll be groggy afterward.

5. Give yourself a Reiki treatment or some therapeutic touch. If you know Reiki, use it. You can also sit at your desk with your eyes closed, with your thumb and forefinger holding your eyes and releasing the tension of the optic nerve. Take some calm, deep breaths, and open your eyes feeling more refreshed.

6. Step outside. Sunshine gives you energy because you’re getting vitamin D, which helps boost your mood and mental performance. Just 10 to 15 minutes of some fresh air and sunshine and you’ll go back to work feeling refreshed.

7. Phone a friend. If you’re feeling down or have low energy, take a few minutes to call someone whose voice will perk you up. Even better, make plans to do something positive for someone else, such as volunteer at a shelter or help an elderly neighbour.

8. Meditate. There is a lot of clinical evidence that people who meditate are less stressed and have higher energy levels. Best of all it is cumulative. 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there all add up.

Find a quiet place, get comfortable and concentrate on your breathing. Clear your head and forget about whatever was on your mind. After meditating, get up, stretch and go back to whatever you were doing, feeling refreshed and more energized.

9. Eat high-energy foods. Power bars or energy drinks may provide quick energy, but they also can cause you to crash when they wear off. Instead, choose foods high in vitamins B1, B2 and B6 that will help your body convert carbohydrates into energy. Yogurt, whole grains and sunflower seeds all make good pick-me-up snacks.

10. Stop multitasking. By taking one thing at a time, you can devote more energy to each activity, be more mindful and actually feel like you are accomplishing more. This kind of concentration can be like a meditation and put your brain waves into Alpha state – calm, cool and creative instead of the F-state (fearful, frenzied and frantic).

Most of these natural energy boosters are easy to work into your day. They take 5–10 minutes at most, and the benefits can last for hours. Which one will you try first?

Dr Axe
Whole Intentions