8 Signs of an Unhealthy Vagina and 11 Things You Can Do About It

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Extremely important to the overall well-being of women is vaginal health. A healthy vagina is acidic and holds high amount of beneficial bacteria which prevent infections and maintain a normal pH level.

Reasonable discharge can be regular as a result of it retains a vagina wholesome, simply as saliva is secreted to guard oral well being. In case any of those typical circumstances is interrupted, you’re at a threat of vaginal an infection.

How are you aware in case your vaginal health is compromised?

Warning Indicators and Signs:

  • Vaginal burning and itching
  • Excessive discharge
  • Red, inflamed or painful mucous membranes
  • Look of lesions
  • Odor
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Bleeding after sexual activity
  • Dryness

Right here is how one can maintain your vagina health:

Keep vaginal PH stability with out douching

Though advisable by some gynecologists, douching can in truth scale back the acidity of your vagina by disturbing its physiological pH, thus creating good floor for bacterial proliferation. Usually the vaginal pH is throughout the vary from 3.8 to 4.5.

In case your vagina has a powerful odor, seek the advice of your gynecologist as a substitute of douching it as this can solely conceal the odor with out treating the basis trigger. Additionally, avoid sturdy private hygiene merchandise in relation to vaginal hygiene, as these are more likely to intervene with the conventional pH of your vagina.

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