The Spin on Aspartame

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In case you attempt to get greater than sufficient data on aspartame, you simply have to sort “aspartame”, and browse all outcomes that come up. It is going to actually take you every week. There’s extra an excessive amount of data, analysis, and hypothesis on the market on the topic to fill volumes.

So quite that simply itemizing by way of these supplies, this text affords a special type of method.  It focuses on a small a part of the talk, after which follows it by way of.

Initially, the article focuses on those who maintain assuring us that it’s protected: the specialists. Consultants within the authorities, specialists within the medical subject, the individuals who maintain patting us on the pinnacle and advising us to not fear, those who we must always imagine that, if aspartame was harmful, they’d inform us.

The extra one investigates the topic, the extra skeptical and startled he’s. What was found was a concerted effort, on the a part of these on the highest ranges of our authorities and people on the highest ranges of the medical neighborhood, to mislead folks in regards to the security of aspartame.

You have read it right: We have been deceived about the safety of a dangerous product, and all in the name of corporate profits.

Let us start from the start. Aspartame was initially developed by the pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle. However, this company had difficulty getting their product approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the federal agency responsible for making sure our food and drugs are safe.

Allegedly, the substance was tested on monkeys, which afterwards developed brain lesions, tumors, and seizures, and even died from it.

More than 15 years the company’s applications for approval were rejected, but they persisted in offering their own proofs that their product was safe.

Finally, the FDA asked the Department of Justice to prosecute G.D. Searle for submitting fraudulent test data in their efforts to get the substance approved. On this subject, an FDA senior toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, once told Congress, “Beyond a shadow of a doubt aspartame triggers brain tumors.”

But then G.D. Searle, producer of aspartame, made Donald Rumsfeld its CEO. When Ronald Reagan took office and brought Rumsfeld with him as part of his transition team, a new FDA commissioner was appointed immediately.

The artificial sweetener made by the company that Donald Rumsfeld was now the head of, over the objections of the FDA scientific board, now was approved in one of his first acts of the new FDA commissioner.

Furthermore, when it looked like aspartame would be approved later on for use in carbonated beverages, the National Soft Drink Association itself objected, saying it wouldn’t be safe because aspartame is very unstable in liquid form and breaks down into, among other things, formaldehyde.

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