What is the Safest Position to Sleep in During Pregnancy?

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One of many hardest issues for pregnant ladies is getting some good sleep. Their heart burns are getting worse, they sweat greater than standard, and their hips pain.

They spend the nights turning and twisting within the hope to discover a place that will likely be each, comfy for them and secure for the child.

That is 10 instances tougher for many who are used to sleeping on their abdomen.

They get minimal or no sleep in any respect, making them grumpy and irritable in the course of the day.

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If they’re very drained, they may go to sleep regardless of all the hurdles, however right here’s the danger of waking up from the acrobatics of their child.

Sleeping will not be straightforward for pregnant ladies, so right here we provide the most secure sleeping place throughout being pregnant.

Sleeping on Your Tummy

Sleeping in your abdomen is secure in the course of the first trimester of your being pregnant. When you full it, you’ll most likely have good spherical stomach as a result of development of your child.


This implies even when it’s secure to sleep in your abdomen after the primary trimester, you gained’t have the ability to. This place will not be comfy for you, nor secure for the child.

Sleeping on Your Back

During the first trimester, there are not many rules or precautions concerning the sleeping position. However, during the rest of the pregnancy you shouldn’t sleep on your back. The growing uterus during the second and third trimester presses the spine and the main vein that carries blood to your heart – vena cava.

If this vein is highly pressed, it can disrupt blood circulation which is very critical during the period of pregnancy.

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