Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely has been Suppressed Since 1974

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Bear in mind the hassles Rick Simpson went by in his Canadian Nova Scotia town making an attempt to carry the cannabis oil cures he and others used to cure themselves of various cancers? Rick assumed the world was prepared for him to share the excellent news from his and his townspeople’s experiences.

After a number of makes an attempt to get hashish oil allowed by the courtroom system with many testimonials from those that had been helped, Rick realized this necessary harsh actuality: The most cancers business doesn’t desire a remedy for most cancers.

He was rising the hemp on his land, making the hashish oil, and sharing it with out price to those that had wanted it after curing his pores and skin most cancers and a fiercely intense neurological publish concussion dysfunction from a head harm that prescription drugs solely exacerbated. The townspeople had been cured of a number of problems, together with lung most cancers. All of them had been failed by mainstream medication.

Rick eliminated himself from Canada and exiled himself to Amsterdam, Netherlands, at first. Now he excursions the world spreading the wonders of hashish therapeutic to whomever is prepared to pay attention.

You can view his full length documentary below:

The Constantly Disappearing Cannabis Research from 1974

In 1974, the NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded the Medical College of Virginia to prove that cannabis hampers the immune system and destroys brain cells. This was research ammunition that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), initiated under the Nixon administration to further justify throwing pot smokers into prison.

Unfortunately for the DEA and the war on drugs, the researchers came upon some interesting results with their lab rats. They discovered that cancer cells were getting destroyed, not healthy cells. The immune systems were enhanced, not impeded. Well, that was the end of that research.

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