Here Are 16 Reasons For Eating More Pineapple


If you don’t eat pineapples regularly, you should definitely start right now because not only they are delicious, but they are also excellent for your skin, bones, and digestive tract.

Here are 16 more reason why you should incorporate pineapple in your daily routine:

Great nutrition values

This fruit has a lot of B6, C, copper, folate, manganese, potassium, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, pantothenic acid and others.

Strong bones

Opt daily for 1 cup to get the 76% of daily manganese and keep bones without osteoporosis.

Good digestion

The bromelain makes the digestion easy and soothed. Thus, inflammation is lessened in the pancreas and sugar metabolism works against diabetes.

Smile is better

If we lack vitamin C, we get inflamed gums, fragile capillaries, blood of gums and we might lose a tooth too. So get your pineapple vitamin C.

Less sore joints

As the Arthritis foundation stated, this fruit is the same as non-steroid drugs for inflammation, so if you have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis – eat this!

Good blood pressure

Resolve hypertension with pineapple; it has potassium citrate that reacts with bad sodium levels and makes pressure go back to normal.

Prevents cancer

pineapple tea, sounds good or not? You have to make it. If you or someone else has a heavy disease, this tea stops proliferation and makes apoptosis.

The bromelain is a chemoprevention agent for colon cancer.


Chronic cough

The vitamin C improves immunity and sores are soothed, as well as the throat. Avoid pharmacy meds and have this juice instead. It will soften phlegm and remove inflammation. Also, you can soothe a cold.

Better eyesight

The vitamin A in it slows down worsening of age related eyesight issues or macular degeneration.

No blood clot

It is anticoagulant and good for people with clots in the body.

Good losing weight

To eat from emotions is bad and makes you gain weight. Instead have a few pineapple pieces and not chips or chocolates. Pineapple has fiber and makes you satiated since it releases more blood glucose and you crave less.

Soothed belly

For heartburn, forget the meds. This fruit’s juice is the cure. It soothes upset belly, but also too much juice can make you have diarrhea. Also check if you are allergic to this fruit to avoid upset belly.

Fertility resolving

Eat it regularly and increase fertility chances. Why and how? This fruit makes the uterus walls stronger and healthier and help with endometriosis inflammation.

Less inflammation

This is a fact, fresh or frozen, they are still healthy. Eat them for healing injuries or aches. Also this fruit is amazing for inflamed bowels disease.

Firmer skin

For a healthy and pretty skin, vitamin C is the key. It refreshes ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels too. Eat it for wounds, scar tissues repairing, stronger bones, etc. or mix a pineapple slice and yogurt to make facial treatment.

Tender meats

For meat meals, add this fruit. Bromelain makes amino acids separate to peptide bonds and this makes meat softer and chewy. Or could you grow this in your garden?

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