Beet Recipe That Can Help Detox Your Colon and Liver


A few of these elements used for this detox have been used for hundreds of years, even millenniums. For instance, beats have been used round Africa, Asia, and Europe for 1000’s of years for a complete spectrum of causes.

Because the liver is the first organ meant for detox.

Relying in your life-style, your liver can undergo some harm and may cease working the best way it did.

For those who’re on the street to altering this life-style, you must positively look into this detox routine.

Beets are good for utilizing as a result of they comprise the very well-known dietary fibers that clear up your system and full digestive tract very successfully.

Beets assist the colon health too as a result of they make elimination simpler.


Apples are healthy detox ingredients because they contain high levels of pectin which helps the entire digestive tract to get rid of all the unnecessary toxins that do nothing but damage to the body.

Ginger Root

Constipation, bloating, and many other digestive tract related issues are some of the problems ginger root can help you out with.

Not only your liver and colon health, but you can even use ginger if you have ulcer problems.


Lemon is an amazing detox tool that you can use to benefit your colon and liver health. Containing large quantities of vitamin C, it’s perfect for refreshing your metabolism. Take some lemon juice after squeezing it in the morning with some water and stimulate your liver.


Kale is a fantastic helper to the liver because leafy greens of this kind are versatile when it comes to consumption since you can eat them either juiced, cooked or even raw.

This green is good for neutralizing the toxins in your system that cause damage to the colon and liver, so it’s perfect for consumption.

Carrots and Beets

Both are packing in vitamin A, and plant-flavonoids. This is good because they refresh and stimulate the overall system, as well as liver.

Here’s how to prepare your very own Beet Juice for detoxing your colon and liver

What Do You Need:

  • Three washed and peeled carrots
  • Six Kale Leaves
  • ½ Lemon, peeled
  • ½ Inch Ginger Root
  • Two Washed and Cut Red Apples
  • One peeled and washed beet

How To Prepare:

Firstly, add two cups of water in a blender. Then, put all ingredients inside and blend. After everything is looking smooth and fine, take out of the blender and mix again just to make sure.

You can put some ice to serve with and to make it taste even fresher. Find nice mason jars to store in.