Study: Fasting for 72 Hours can Regenerate the Entire Immune System of Humans!


A current analysis performed on the College of Southern California found that fasting for three straight days can fully regenerate our physique and make us extra resistant.

The research is actually a significant breakthrough on the subject of pure methods of reinforcing the immune system.

Fasting diets have been bashed by many nutritionists previously. They had been labeled unhealthy and harmful, till lately when science confirmed how helpful they’re.

Fasting (actually starving the body) was discovered to advertise the manufacturing of white blood cells that battle infections, which is very helpful for individuals with weakened immune system, primarily most cancers sufferers.

Apart from them, the elderly can profit from fasting as nicely.

As we age, our immune system loses its ability to fight diseases and conditions, but as the research showed, fasting can regenerate it and help the body fight infections and various ailments effectively.

This is not the only benefit of fasting for 3 days – this method has shown that it can also protect the body from the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

Although this treatment should actually save lives, it destroys healthy tissues and cells which leads to a complete breakdown of the body’s defenses. Luckily, fasting can neutralize the dangerous side-effects of chemotherapy.

According to the scientists involved in the research, fasting flips a switch in the body which makes the stem cells create new white blood cells that regenerate the immune system and repel infections.

The lead researcher on the study, Valter Longo, says that the research is a groundbreaking discovery which completely changes everything we’ve previously known about our immune system.

“What it basically does is it gives the stem cells the “Go ahead” sign to proliferate and strengthen the immune system. The body will then eliminate all the old parts, and you’re left with a new and improved immune system which will work better than before,” Longo says.

In the beginning, the participants in the study fasted for 2-4 days for 6 months, and the results showed significantly reduced PKA enzyme, a hormone which raises the risk of cancer and tumor growth.

“During the course of the study, we noticed that prolonged fasting actually reduces the count of white blood cells, but they come back when you start eating,” Professor Longo says.

“We were baffled and started asking where does this come from?” he continues. “As it turns out, the prolonged fasting didn’t only make the body use glucose and fat for energy – it also broke down white blood cells. During each period of fasting, the reduced count of white blood cells stimulates certain changes that trigger stem-cell based regeneration and reinforce the immune system,” Longo explains.

No one on the team thought that they would uncover such as remarkable thing, and now they’re hoping that medicine will accept it as a natural way of strengthening the immune system of cancer patients.

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